About the Blogger

Travis Jones    
B.S. Exercise Science at Marian University
Graduate Physical Therapy Assistant at Vincennes University
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Mobility Trainer
CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer
CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
Certified Advanced Sports Nutritional Adviser
RockTape FMT Basic and Performance
RockTape FMT Blades/IASTM
RockTape FMT Cupping and Medical Floss
Functional Movement Screens FMS Level 1 Certified
I am a former college athlete and current PTA student with a passion for injury prevention, fitness, and performance. I practice what I preach, by utilizing my studies as personal experiments. This allows me to gather data and see what does and does not work for me on a personal level. Then, I enjoy taking that information to figure out the minimum effective dose and applying it in a realistic approach that can be sustainable for the average person. For the past 5 years I have been a personal trainer and gym manager where a typical day of clients I work with ranges from 13 - 81 years old.  Follow me on my journey as I prepare my body for fitness challenges and events, provide injury and "pre-hab" tips through the eyes of a physical therapist, and try to map out optimal health and fitness strategies for readers to embrace.

Fitness Accomplishments:
- Marian University Baseball Player
- Other Organized Sport Teams: Basketball, X Country, Swimming, Volleyball, & Soccer
- 2017 Beaver Urban Trail Race - Marathon Finisher
- 2x Tough Mudder Finisher
- Spartan Trifecta -  Sprint, Super, and Beast Finisher
- 2017 Rugged Maniac Southern Indiana Finisher
- 2nd Place Southern Indiana Bench Press Competition @ 181lbs
- 2nd Place CrossFit Festivus Games - Indianapolis Intermediate Division 2015
- Top 5 CrossFit Festivus Games - Indianapolis Intermediate Division 2018
- 2nd Place South West Indiana Sprint Triathlon - 25-29 age group
- 1st Place University of Indianapolis 2 Mile Turkey Run
- 1st Place University of Indianapolis 3pt Shootout Competition - 2012 and 2013
- 1st Place Purge Obstacle Course Race - 2017 Fastest Time
- 1 Mile Run PR - 5:35
- Max Pull Ups - 30 reps          - Box Jump - 54in          - Broad Jump - 104in
- Weightlifting PRs @ 181lbs
          - Deadlift: 405lb
          - Back Squat: 365lb
          - Clean and Jerk 255lb

  • The content in this blog is not in any way designed to treat or be a substitute for personalize medical advice from a medical professional. This content is provided to the reader as I pass along my own experiences in my fitness journey and knowledge as I learn it in physical therapy school. Consult your physician before starting any nutritional program, workout program or before acting on any of the information provided in this blog.