Saturday, May 1, 2021

Thought Science

 Disclaimer: I’m not anti vaccine or pro vaccine. Just sharing a story that happened today and it got me thinking.

While at Chipotle. Multiple people
Walk-In Without Masks. The first question instead of bowl or burrito.
“You’re not wearing a mask because you’re vaccinated corrrect?”

As long as you say Yes, whether that’s the truth or a lie, they will serve you. If you say no you aren’t, they will not serve you until you come back with a mask.

Obviously, I got served.

It had nothing to do with my health. Had nothing to do with the safety of those around me. As long as I answered the question correctly. Yes or No.

Now I am cool with this sort of discrimination as long as we make people stand on a scale before served at McDonalds.
And if we are going to carry around a card to let people like restaurants know our health report, Let’s make sure to carry around a card with the full report. Not sure most would be willing to do that, but we care about our health?

Over 2/3 of the American Adult population are either overweight or Obese. Do we want to talk about people’s health? Are we ready to have that conversation? Are we ready to talk about SCIENCE?

We are willing to tell people to put on a mask while you order food but make sure to take it off before you chow down on a Big Mac. You can smoke a cigarette outside the essential gas station but have to put on a mask to go in and buy them. If you are a vaccinated smoker, you don’t have to wear a mask to in and buy cigarettes. You can buy alcohol without a mask as long as you are vaccinated?

Is this what we are considering science? This is logical? Is this truly trying to make the world a healthier place?

Just like the chipotle cashier asked “yes” or “no”? No explanation needed.

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