Friday, March 12, 2021

OPEN Workout 21.1 is.......

 For time:

1 wall walk
10 double-unders
3 wall walks
30 double-unders
6 wall walks
60 double-unders
9 wall walks
90 double-unders
15 wall walks
150 double-unders
21 wall walks
210 double-unders

Time cap: 15 minutes

Even if you try to pace yourself, the shoulder fatigue in this workout is no joke.

Some of the fittest people we know were missing double unders, faceplanting, and floor flopping all over the place.

Here are a few words of wisdom before you take on CrossFit Open WOD 21.1

1.  Pace yourself & Stay in control! 

As a tortoise, I thought I was prepared to go slow.   But as a very, very tall tortoise, I started to have breakdowns in form causing me to worry about my elderly spine. 

It's not worth injuring yourself to come in 87,438th place, so keep your core tight, stay in control of your movement, and rest as needed.

2.  Did we mention your shoulders would get tired? 

We meant they would be absolutely destroyed. 

To minimize this effect, work on keeping your hands in under your shoulders. 

However, today is probably not the day you'll fix your form completely and ride off into the sunset (it takes practice), so just file away this double under knowledge so you know how to improve next time...

Hands under shoulders = Less shoulder fatigue

3.  Lay your rope down in an intelligent way.

You may be tempted to body-slam, karate chop, or front kick your rope after each set of double unders. 

Resist the urge to do this.

The more time you spend detangling your rope after each round, the worse your score will be.

You can always pick a fight with your rope later after you're able to move your arms again.

4. Double knot your shoes.

This is simple and may sound dumb but remember to double knot your laces. 

Nothing is more annoying in a high stakes WOD than pausing to tie your shoes while your neighbor buzzes through another set of double unders.

5.  Go to your quiet place.

This may not be feasible based on your gym's practices, but try turning the volume down enough that you can still hear your rope. 

We know it's important to cover the embarrassing grunts, groans, and nauseous weeping, but the sound of your rope is part of the sensory feedback you use to nail your dubs. 

Don't discount this element.

Good Luck!

We're rooting for you all the way from Double Under Wonderland, and we've got a high five waiting for anyone with the guts to take on something as challenging as the CrossFit Open.

May your doubles be undered, and your walls be walked!

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