Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Why Should I Take CBD?

How CBD Functions in Your Body
When we take CBD, it interacts with a regulatory system within our bodies called the “Endocannabinoid System”. This system is pivotal in regulating all sorts of processes that affect our day-to-day experience from boosting the immune system, regulating everything from mood to blood pressure to even how we experience pain or hunger! While we can’t always control the variables that cause us stress in our bodies, we can use CBD daily to make the most of our endocannabinoid system. Give this amazing regulatory body the best chance to succeed!

“So... What does it feel like?”
We get asked this all the time. Simply put, CBD feels different to everyone because everyone is unique. The day-to-day needs of each person’s body are unique. This is one reason why you’ll see one person swearing by CBD to help them sleep while another is praising it as an anti-inflammatory. Because their individual endocannabinoid systems are working to help them with their own unique issues, they’ll each “feel” CBD in their own way!

Using CBD Daily
In our many years of working with CBD and our customers, we’ve seen a pattern emerge. While folks often come to us with a specific need in the beginning that they want CBD to address, many find themselves eventually taking it each day and become very used to the routine. When the product runs out and that daily routine is no longer happening, people tell us they really get an idea for how CBD was helping them. It might seem subtle at first, but the continual effect of CBD in our lives can really make a difference!

Find the Method that’s Right for You!
We make a wide variety of products to keep up with the wide variety of people that use them. Do you prefer the tried and true method of a dropper-full of CBD oil? Our Full Spectrum Daily line of oils should fit you perfectly. Do you like to take your CBD on the go in your vitamin caddy? Check out both of our lines of softgels! Maybe you would prefer to add CBD to your beverage of choice instead of taking it straight? We formulated our Water-Soluble Rapid Delivery 150 just for you. No matter the person, we can find the CBD product that’s right for you!

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