Monday, March 30, 2020

Telehealth for Patients

In the Rehabilitation World, the Coronavirus or Covid-19 has created a situation where many clinic owners have opted to close their clinics for outpatient Physical Therapy.  One of the results of this is the "Gold Rush" toward telehealth. Telehealth is a way for a client to have a 1:1 virtual treatment between a Physical Therapist and a client.  The first question or concern that comes up, is that it is not hands on, can a virtual appointment really help?  My experience lies in directly treating clients with a hands on approach, whether it be soft tissue work, joint mobilization, or trigger point dry needling to name a few. The hands on work goal is to decrease the nervous system output or simply calm things down, so we can build them back up. The nervous system can be calmed down through exercise.
As a PT, I have provided telehealth visits, and have had good success designing, and in real time taking a client through an exercise program. Recently one client started her telehealth session with 5/10 back pain and by the end had a "trace" of back pain.  

Due to the rapid changes of the pandemic, many insurers are now covering telehealth.

If you are in Colorado, I am presently offering free telehealth visits. Call 720-352-0678 for more information, or email to

If you are outside of Colorado Google Physical Therapy Telehealth near me.

Mike Kohm PT

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