Wednesday, February 19, 2020


As a PT, I have been performing Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) with a tool for a few years now. Rocktape offered the course in denver a couple of weekends ago and I jumped in. The course instructor Stuart Wilson PT was excellent. The science behind the course was refreshing and dispelled what I call medical myths that persist today in the rehabilitation world. One of the first slides he put up was that as therapists we are not changing fascial length! Fascia takes 2,000 pounds per square inch to stretch! That is something to think about when someone tells you they are "stretching your fascia". The course focuses upon making changes through the nervous system input. The IASTM tools that Rock Tape provides are excellent and offer a wide variety of applications. The tools can be utilized to target sensory receptors in the skin, fascia and muscles. As a practitioner is using the tools to work on your muscles, IT Bands, etc the tool is providing a lot of feedback to the nervous system, and can help change the input back to the brain. In PT school and in anatomy in general we are taught systems, nervous, joint, muscle, digestive etc, and as a result we have a tendency to think of these systems as separate entities. The systems all interface with the nervous system and that is ultimately the brain, which is where pain is perceived. The IASTM tools appear to help down regulate an overactive system and are a great way to help an injured area reduce muscle guarding or heightened tone. The tool can also enhance fascia's ability to glide in its respective layers. The course demonstrated this through ultrasound videos. I highly recommend the course and the link for this course can be found at

Mike Kohm PT

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