Monday, January 27, 2020

Surprise! Physical Therapy cant "fix you"

If you are a person who has had a long standing injury, or can't quite recover from an injury, maybe ask yourself how dedicated have you been to your PT homework? Or if you are a person who has moved from practitioner to practitioner in search of "the answer" and the treatments you have received are mostly passive, keep reading!

What do I mean by passive?, something that someone does to you, cupping, massage, needling, "stretching you out" are just a few examples of passive treatments. Muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints upon injury, need to be built back up to be able to accept the demands placed upon them. If you sprained your ankle, you strengthen it and perform balance work, etc to get your previously injured ankle, game ready.

I often find the missing link in treatments is strength training and nerve mobility work.

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Physical Therapy "Cant Fix you!"


 Mike Kohm PT

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