Monday, January 6, 2020

Reebok Nano 9 Testimonial

Product Details:
The Nano 9 Men’s CrossFit Shoe is truly a “Nano for All,” incorporating the most popular elements of past models with several new features developed through direct feedback from the CrossFit community.

Reebok’s industry-defining cross-training shoe includes updated figure-8 “Flexweave” technology to create a more durable, flexible and breathable upper. New cushioning in the forefoot makes for more comfortable sprints and distance running, while a soft rubber midsole wrap adds another level of reliable protection. As a carryover, the Nano 9 still includes a wide bootie construction, low-cut design, minimal drop outsole, and RopePro tech; ensuring a strong foundation for explosive lifts and ample grip for rope climbs, quick pivots, box jumps, etc.

"For me personally this has been the most versatile shoe that reebok has come out with so far. The new additions to the nano 9 have increased the durability and comfort of the shoe. The improved flexweave design, midsole, and split outsole are the highlights of this shoe.

The flexweave and wrapped midsole hold up well against all wods even ones including rope climbs. One downside I personally found is that the forefoot will slightly bunch if you have narrow feet and enjoy wearing your shoes tied tightly. This has had no affect on the performance or feel of the shoe and is a minimal complaint when compared with the overall improved performance.

The split outsole and additional cushioning allow you transfer from deadlifts to running with ease. This shoe feels sturdy and solid enough for all lifts while maintaining comfort and flexibility for box jumps, buprees, and running. In conclusion, it is my favorite cross training shoe thus far."   - Taylor

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