Friday, December 27, 2019

Product Review: Titan Fitness Hefty Bench V2

Product Details:
Our version 2 of our Hefty Bench features our new enhanced vinyl for a unparalleled support, feel, and grip.

Fully utilize your bench for maximum power while also reducing your chances of injury with the Titan Hefty Bench. The added width and thickness gives your back and shoulders extra support for bench pressing.

- Extra wide 24" base ultimate stability and support.
- Double sided gusset plates lock the bench top to the base.
- Constructed of heavy duty 3" x 3" tubing.
- Handle and wheels for easy movement and storage.
- 15" Wide pad is perfect for safely hitting you max bench press.

- Overall Length: 53"
- Overall Width: 24"
- Overall Height: 17"
- Bench Length: 50"
- Bench Width: 15"
- Bench Thickness: 4"
- Capacity: 1,200 LB
- Weight: 84 LB

Product Review:
I’ve been a big fan of the Titan Hefty Pad since the very first time I benched on one. It’s wider, longer, thicker, denser, and more supportive than any other bench pad I’ve ever seen or used. In addition to all that it has a unique, heavy-duty  vinyl cover that prevents any slipping or sliding around on the pad; a surprisingly uncommon feature for bench pads.

Built like a tank and the pad is a shoulder saver. I’ve been suffering from bicep tendonitis for over two years now, from playing college baseball - with this pad I’ve been able to bench 225 for reps without any pain.  Getting frustrated that my shoulder issues are holding me back I have tried a lot of things and finally tried the hefty pad, my shoulders got noticeably better. Just a couple weeks of using it my shoulders no longer hurt at night keeping me awake, like they used to. They are improving each week where benching isn't irritating them any more.
Some may worry that with training with this wide pad when they use a competition bench it will throw them off. While the setting up is a little different, I would rather have my shoulders pain free and adjust. Last week I went to another gym and used the competition bench and my shoulders hurt at night again, but was still able to set up okay on that bench.  If you’re a young gun out there - trust me - preventative measures now will make a huge difference in your longevity - you will still want to lift at 40 - at 50 - so get the fat pad.

The benefits of using this bench I can notice are: Promotes Scapular movement (which means it is uninhibited and eliminates AC tears), Eliminates Shoulder Hangover, Optimizes Back and Upper body Positioning,  Very little to no translational loading,  humeral wear on bicep tissue and pec tweaks are relieved, and it increases mechanic leverages.

It's heavier than expected and overbuilt to near perfection. The upholstery inside is thick and super dense meaning that it's the opposite of cushy (if you like softer foam, this is not for you). I like it because the density or hardness adds stability when using heavy weights. The cover material is the best I have ever seen or used. It's some kind of sticky rubberized material. Once you are in position, you will never slip.

In conclusion, This is an outstanding product. Very impressed with grip, size, width, and tank like feeling of this pad on this bench. Did bench immediately after receiving this beast of a pad in the mail and I am currently convinced I just bought a game changing piece to my ever expanding home gym.  It’s very sturdy, and versatile.  It has helped me tremendously with some issues I was having related to shoulder injury and poor shoulder mobility. I highly recommend it for any lifters with those sorts of issues.

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