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Product Details:
The Ninja Star is a Black Anodized Aluminum new variation on the patented Mobility Star design. Manufactured in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this four-sided, ergonomically curved massage tool features a corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, rather than the stainless steel of the original model.

The innovative Mobility Star line-up was developed by Tom Eddy along with gym owner & massage therapist Mike Alley, who wanted a new, precision method for targeting trigger points and muscle bellies. Whether used as an alternative or complement to traditional foam rollers and massage balls, the Ninja Star’s compact size and unique contours align with the natural curves of the body—making it great for working out stiffness in the calves, thighs, hips, forearms, etc
Mobility Star
Benefits of the Mobility Star - Ninja:
  • Provides vibrational feedback
  • Allows you to work on fascia and muscles with the same tool
  • Reduces the amount of pressure you need to apply
  • Relieves stress on fingers & hands
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to use anywhere
Additional Specifications:
  • Made in the USA
  • Patented Design - Four-sided, with ergonomic curvature
  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminum
  • Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 4" x 4"
Developed by gym owner and massage therapist Mike Alley, the Mobility Star offers a unique new way to target and massage away muscle tightness and pain. Whether used as an alternative or complement to traditional foam rollers and massage balls, the Mobility Star’s patented thin, stainless steel design is ergonomically in tune with the natural curves of the body—making it great for working out stiffness in the calves, thighs, hips, forearms, etc.

Lightweight and pocket-sized, Mobility Stars can go anywhere you need them for rapid muscle recovery and improved range of motion.

Product Review:

When I first received the Mobility Star I was impressed by how solid and well made the tool was. It has a symmetrical design that fits firmly in your hand. The smooth curves allow both athlete and therapist to glide smoothly over tight and restricted muscles taking pressure of the myofascial system and restrictions effecting the muscles, joints, tendons and fascia. The Mobility Star is very effective in flushing out sore and tired muscles as well as getting to those hard to reach places where the muscle and tendon connect. The unique design allows the user to apply firm direct pressure to the target area. No more sore fingers from ART!

I thought the stainless was great, but the Ninja ROCKS!! Initially skeptical but now the I've used, I recommend to anyone with muscle tightness or any other soft tissue areas that need work. Unlike most things I've tried, this one covers it all. The aluminum is about 1/2 the weight of the stainless (which is also great) so its even better for travel or taking to gym and on trails. Something about the aluminum just feels right and I can't put it down
Seems like 1/2 the weight of original stainless star. Durability doesn't appear to be affected. Stainless reviews pretty much cover the rest. Great for almost any area of the body that needs attention.

Made from aluminum, this tool is lightweight and very portable compared to so many of the novelty massage tools out there. The ends are great at working directly and more specifically with trigger points and the curved edges work well for specifically manipulating the fascia. Also, its much less expensive than the Graston tools ($1,100 +) coming in at $85 before shipping.

I carry this around with me and use it religiously in class and while traveling to massage forearms, groin, and calves. . The hole in the middle improves grip, but more importantly it can be slipped over a barbell for a great forearm or triceps scraping--I didn't realize this until I looked at the videos on the manufacturer's site. Simple and effective. Saves a lot of stress on your fingers--the steel is so hard that you don't need to apply much pressure. Much better than using a plastic scraping tool

I couldn’t be happier with how the Mobility Star performs. With the help of this tool, I have recovered so much faster from some brutal workouts than other Mobility tools I’ve used in the past. I would say that this is very similar to receiving A-Stem from a physical therapist. I also coach HS cross country and have shared this product with my athletes. They have had the same rave reactions as I have. I’ve recommended this product to a number of my physically active friends. They’ve all seen faster recovery times from difficult workouts as well. I would recommend the Mobility Star to anyone looking for a way to relieve soreness and recover faster! Do yourself a favor and pick one up!

I highly recommend this tool for any physio or coach looking to save their hands and expand their practice as well as any athlete who's looking for a new, easy to carry tool to help on the go. For those chronic, always nagging areas, this gets deep enough to make an impact. I really enjoy the effect of this product, it doesn't leave me bruised or overly sore. When applying the tool to the body, it feels good, not harsh. It is a great entry level tool for IASTM and good price point. However, I wish all 4 corners had a different design to allow for different functions.

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