Monday, November 18, 2019

Product Review: Micro Gainz Fractional Plate Set

Product Details:
Micro Gainz Micro Plates Are The Definition of High Quality!
    10 plate compressed.jpg
  • Made from sintered metal
  • Plates accurate to specified weight by +/- 5 grams
  • Plates meet International Power Lifting Federation Guidelines for weight accuracy
  • Will fit 2" Olympic weight lifting bars, tested on Rogue Bar 2.0 Olympic Weight Lifting Bar
  • High quality black E-Coated finish

Product Review:
Once you get past the newbie gains stage and it gets a bit harder to consistently get stronger, one of the best ways to keep progress going is through microloading. At most gyms, the lightest Olympic plates they have weigh 2.5lbs, meaning you must add 5lbs to the bar each time you want to go up in weight. While that's feasible for awhile, eventually it gets impossible to add that much weight each session and still get your reps in. These plates allow you to load an additional 2.5lbs onto the barbell (1.25lbs per side) or even less weight at a time (down to .5lbs), allowing you to keep progressing each week.

Consistently bumping my barbell bench press up by 2.5lbs allowed me to add almost 40lbs to my closing barbell bench press sets (preceded by heavy 5x5 dumbbell work) over the course of about 3.5 months, which is something I couldn't have achieved bumping the weight by 5lbs each session. These weights are compact and easy to stash in your gym bag, and allow you to consistently ramp up weight over time without limiting your volume.

For instance, if you could bench press 185lbs for 10 reps one week that's 1,850lbs of overall volume (185 x 10), but if you had to bump up by 5lbs to 190 maybe you could only get in 7 reps before failure (190 x 7 = 1,330lbs) whereas if you only bumped up by 2.5lbs to 187.5 you could probably get in 9 reps (187.5 x 9 = 1688) or even hit all 10 (187.5 x 10 = 1,875lbs). So rather than dropping from 1,850lbs of volume to 1,330 you can adapt to heavier weights with similar volume or even more volume the very next session.

Great qualitly plates. I’ve used other fractional plates that were not very well made. The paint chipped off within a week, they didn’t weigh what they were suppose to weigh and they felt like they would shatter if I dropped them. The Micro Gainz are far superior to what I had before. They are quality constructed, they weigh what they say they are suppose to weigh and the paint job is A+. Throwing the carry bag in is a nice touch too!

I weighed each plate on a food scale and every one of the plates I received was within 2 grams of what they were labeled as. Packing was also nice and the little bag it comes with is convenient.

Getting stronger and building muscle is all about increasing volume over time, and these plates help you do exactly that. Check these out to keep the gains coming for a long, long time.

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