Wednesday, September 25, 2019

WOD Wednesday #111

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
  • 12 muscle-ups
  • 36 kettlebell swings
♀ 1.5 pood ♂ 2 pood

INTENDED STIMULUS - This workout is a firebreather! High skill, high load, high reps, medium distance. It is a challenging piece. It is very different from yesterday when we were shooting for no breaks. Today we are shooting for a break-up scheme that allows us to minimize the not-moving-time. If you go for sets that are too big in either movement, you will end up having to rest too much before going again. Today is about being smart and disciplined. Let's aim for something around five rounds. If you have muscle-ups and you have capacity then choose a number you can do with at most two short and controlled breaks all the way through. If you are modifying them, aim to preserve the high skill aspect as well as the aerobic component of the high reps. For the KBS choose a load that you can cycle, a weight a little bit heavier than you would typically use, but something that allows you to keep swinging it. Adjust the number of reps if needed so that you can have both a heavier load and a big set. Both movements are technical, and both will reward proper mechanics and efficiency. At the same time, both movements have a flow aspect to them that will allow you to stay present, grinding your reps. Today, be smart with your scaling and diligent with your movement, you will prevail.

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