Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Product Review: ESC Sounds True Wireless Earbuds - S2

Product Details:

The originals have evolved...
  • Systems Supported: Android and IOS
  • Bluetooth: Version 5
  • Charging Case Capacity: 16 hours battery
  • Playing Time: Up to 4 hours (70% volume)
  • Waterproof: IPX4 (sweat/rainproof)
  • Audio: HD superior sound
  • Noise Cancellation: Built-in CVC 6.0
  • Design: Ergonomic secure fit
  • Music: Touch control button
  • Calling: Bilateral Calling Function and touch control
The ‘ESC’ in our new name is an acronym for our company mantra ‘Every Second Counts’ and we can’t think of a mantra that better represents our customers.

Having launched our original Pods to global acclaim in 2018, we are delighted to now bring you their upgraded sequals...the Series2.  Same secure fit and crystal clear sound, but now with double the playtime, bilatteral calling function and Bluetooth streaming at up to 10 x the speed. Available exclusively on this website.

Portable Charging CaseThe stylish and durable charging case adds a further 8 hours of portable battery life to the up to 4 hours listening time in the earbuds. They're constantly charging on the go so just throw the case in your gym bag and they'll be ready to power you through any training session!

Secure FitWith the aim of the most secure fit possible, we've adopted a silicone brace and three different sizes of ear caps, designed to fit securely in your ear and eliminate the worry of losing an ear bud. Our aim was that you'll completely forget there's anything in your ear and we believe we've achieved it.

IPX4 WaterproofThe Series2 have a level IPX4 waterproof rating, which means they are both sweat proof and rain proof. We're so confident in this that any unexpected issues caused by sweat or rain damage are covered in your manufacturers guarantee.

Product Review:
Image result for esc sounds series 2 After years of searching for the perfect headphones as both an active athlete and constantly traveling world seer, I can say that these headphones are far and above the best pair I have ever owned. The headphones fit great in your ear and do not fall out even through the most grueling workout and the sound is great. The battery life is long and the rechargeable case allows me to keep them in my gym bag or laptop bag when traveling.

Out of the box they are extremely easy to pair with your Bluetooth device. Automatically repairing when removed from the charging case.  As with the series one they are faultless during workouts, I’ve used them for Olympic lifting, circuit training, running, walking and gymnastics. Not once have they moved or fallen out and the sweat protection is definitely proven with my workouts.

They come with a selection of adapters.  I’ve had a few other makes of ear phones, wired and wireless and these have felt the most secure.  The battery life was an absolute game changer, I train 90 minutes on average but I’ve had them last well over 2 hours, upto now I haven’t surpassed the charge.

I have also used them for phone calls and had no issues.  Sound quality is good. Seem louder than the series one, but still crisp.  Training with music is a non negotiable for me, I train on my own 70% of the time in my garage and I need it to stay motivated or before a lift. These pods exceed pods at twice the price, the after sales support from the guys has been great too.
Image result for esc sounds series 2
The interface is slick, smooth and simple.  The charging case is a great feature.  All of this is topped off with great customer service and fast delivery.   If you train alone and want to cut out some background noise and get stuck into a good training session with some Bangers you can’t go wrong with these

In conclusion: from butterfly pull-ups to burpees, running to Olympic lifting , the sound quality is insane ... super happy with these , easy charging and extra battery life means I can take them anywhere , amazing for train and flight journeys, as-well as training sessions   Have been looking for some of these for a while but all seem a little big, bulky and awkward for exercising. These are the opposite. They are small and secure whilst in the gym. Wish I had found them sooner!

So many of my friends have upgraded (not in price but quality!) to these EarPods from Apple and Bose!  The connection of them is 10/10! As soon as I remove them from the pod the instantly connect to my phone. No fuse!


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