Monday, July 29, 2019

XPO Sled - Exponential Resistance

The XPO Trainer 2.0 is the first wheeled push sled in the industry, but its truly groundbreaking feature is a patent-pending exponential resistance curve: the harder and faster you push the sled, the more the resistance increases—no weight plates required.*

This innovative design offers a wide range of benefits for athletes of every size, skill level, and discipline, as well as those rehabbing from injuries. As you build up the intensity of your training, from light rehab up to full-on competition level, the XPO Trainer adapts, with an added load component at the upper end of the resistance curve to help build explosive power in a full-body workout.

The XPO Trainer’s three wheels include rubberized treads for safe all-terrain use, indoor or outdoor, with greater control and less risk of scuffs than traditional steel sled skis. The wheels are also quieter in operation that most standard weight sleds. For portability and storage convenience, the sled’s push handles are removable.

*Weight Plates are not included with the XPO Trainer 2, but users can add them to the included weight post to assist with traction on slicker surfaces.

Do note, however, that adding weight plates to the sled does NOT change the resistance curve.

  • Made by Armored Fitness Equipment
  • First Push Sled with Wheels
  • Patent-Pending Exponential Resistance Curve: As you push harder/faster, the resistance increases to compensate
  • No Weight Plates Included or Required
  • (2) Removable Handles for easy transport and storage
  • Laser-cut XPO Trainer logo in front plating
  • Durable rubberized wheels for safe all-surface sled training
  • Nearly Silent Operation
  • Suitable for Beginner / Rehab up to High Intensity / Pro training
  • Color: Black

"I owned one of the Prowler Sleds version 1.0. Great concept but putting them to use in a parking lot or city street was riddled with challenges. Noise was a big one. You really need a dedicated strip of field turf or the like, and then the amount of space can become an issue for longer efforts. The XPO Trainer is a better mousetrap. Quiet, and the accommodating resistance is really where the XPO Trainer shines. You can use it on any surface (short of a muddy field), and you are in business.

- It's a great tool for building work capacity. The accommodating resistance allows me to train all of the energy systems. - You can train any age demographic - young, old, or in between. -There is no eccentric load, so it is terrific for recovery sessions. Blood is pumped to the legs and torso flushing out metabolic by­products. -Folks with knee pain that can not squat, lunge or step up can train their legs effectively while they build back up to traditional movements. - Older athletes with orthopedic issues can successfully condition with weight­bearing activity. - General warm­ups. Anything from 5­-15 minutes is ideal for elevating core temperature."

"every time it's mentioned on the white board, I am guaranteed to have one of the most brutal workouts ever. We workout in a parking lot behind houses, and the wheels make the sled silent which is great for us and our neighbors. The resistance is felt the minute you start pushing. When you try to push harder, the sled pushes back. Even a quick 50m sprint burns. Their support is great too, tons of videos on their website that show how to assemble, workout ideas, etc. Really proud of this small company and what they've been able to achieve with this product! It really is the best sled ever."

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