Monday, June 3, 2019

Three Tasty Tacos

The Beef-Up (Spicy, Protein-Loaded Steak) Taco
Careful taking this one lightly— its power levels are off the charts. Pick up some flank steak and cornmeal tortillas to get started with this one, then you’ll want to season it with ingredients that focus on complimenting and bringing out the flavor of the beef.
Combine fresh diced onions and garlic with any peppers you have on hand (the spicier, the better), and top them off with lime juice and additional seasonings of your choice— a little chili powder, cayenne pepper, etc. will go a long way when combined with savory flank steak cuts and freshly chopped peppers.
Top it off with some cheese!

Taco Day

The Lean Bird Machine (Turkey and Black Beans) Taco
If you’re as serious about your diet as you are about your lifting (and you always should be— the two go hand in hand), then there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself with extra turkey breasts lying around from time to time. If not, go grab some— this makes for one of the tastiest and healthiest tacos that money can buy.
Combine whole wheat tortillas (cornmeal tortillas are fine) with pre-cooked turkey breast, cilantro, black beans, lettuce, and chili powder— the rest of the seasonings are up to you, but we recommend salsa and additional spices to bring out the best in the turkey and beans.

The Good Samaritan (Vegetarian Taco with Good Karma)
We didn’t forget about you, vegetarians— even the meatiest of meat heads among us have accepted that you can derive just as much protein (and arguably more nutrition) from achieving the discipline of a calorie-dense, vegetarian diet. This taco is a shout-out to those of you who enjoy abstaining from animal products while still bringing it in the gym and on the pavement.
Combine a cornmeal tortilla with a range of peppers— first and foremost, we recommend jalapenos and red bell peppers. Next, level it out with your preferred choice of beans. We’re partial to black beans, but pinto beans work exceptionally well for flavor —garlic, onions, oregano, and other universal taco constants apply equally here, along with your choice of cheese and optional extras. Add some oil (vegetable or olive), wrap it up, and you’re good to go.

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