Monday, May 27, 2019

Product Review: Radien Sports Strongman Sandbag

Product Details:

The Secret’s Our Roll-Down Design:
Forget those leaky fitness sandbags that close with zippers, cords, or strings. This ingenious sandbag cinches just like a kayaker’s drybag: Roll down the top till it’s snug, then close the strong metal buckle. You’ll have a leakproof seal in seconds – with no need for awkward filler bags.

Best of All, It Adjusts for All Levels of Lifting
Simply fine-tune how much sand you add & how far down you fold the top:
Fill 1/3rd of the way to use as a kettlebell
Fill 2/3rds up to use as an Atlas Stone
Fill to capacity for serious loading events
Plus everything in between
  • Holds 50-300 Lbs: Use this sandbag weight for everything from kettlebell reps to strongman events.
  • Leakproof: Thanks to its clever roll-down design, your fitness sandbag won't leak sand.
  • Super Strong: Made of extra-tough 1000D nylon, your strongman sandbag will stand up to tons of wear.
  • 36 Options: It's crisscrossed with nylon bands, so you can grip this beach-ready bag multiple ways.
  • 3 Free Padded Handle Covers: All removable, so you can use them to cushion any of the 36 grip bands.

Product Review:
Want to burn your lungs and make your muscles scream? The Radien Sports Strongman Sandbag will get the job done. It is fantastic and holds a weight between 50-300lbs depending on the size. This sandbag is ideal for various workout routines such as kettlebell reps and strong man events.

The material of the Radien Sports Strongman Sandbag is sturdy and leak proof with a roll down design that ensures your sand does not leak. The material is sturdily made of two layers of nylon to withstand pushing slamming, throwing and pulling without tearing. The handles have multiple layers of padded covers that offer a firm comfortable grip during you exercises.

I received the medium size and I will be getting the large size. This thing is the perfect simulated atlas stone. It is made of some highly durable canvas which seems to be double walled. All the threads are a holding up well. And the cinch down buckle (like a dry bag) is ingenious. I filled mine with loose sand, I bring it back inside after working out; no spilled sand. When or if I need it lighter or heavier it's as simple as unroll, fill, cinch back down.
The Radien Sports Strongman sandbag has several handles that are strapped around the tube; this gives you several grip options: hence you can maximize your training. The multiple filler bags also allows you to choose on your perfect weight for your exercise depending on your level of fitness. It is ideal for both beginners and experts.

Other reviews, I noticed, didn't like the fact that there is no heavy duty handles sewn into the bag. This is true. The straps on the outside are like a sleeve that can be removed. I myself like this a lot. Because stones have no handles. I use mine without the straps. Helps with grip strength.

Does what it says. You fill it with sand, affix the hand straps, and go to town. One of the more reasonably priced bags on Amazon so the apparently exceptional build quality was a nice surprise. I will update if anything changes.

My initial concerns were sand leaking, how functional the handles would be, and how awkward it may be to do the exercises I wanted to do. As of now I have only worked out with it twice but I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

No sand leaking at all and I feel comfortable letting it drop from my shoulders. The handles are well spaced and functional. Dead lifts & kettle bell swings weren't awkward at all. However, squats had a learning curve to them. First, getting the bag up over my shoulders. Second, positioning the bag comfortably. The first handful of times were pretty awkward but I came up with a process that works for me and even the squats feel good. It allows me to do everything I need without a gym membership or spending an arm/leg on equipment. As of right now,

I've used it for four workouts now, with this bag in motion for twenty minutes per workout. I have not slammed the bag, though I've dropped it. Not a grain of sand to be seen. I'm a plumber and believe in functional strength... I think the shifting weight of this bag will help me when I pick up toilets and other heavy items.

For the price and exceptional quality, you will regret picking the Radien Sports Strongman Sandbag for your training. It can still hold up steady and strong even after years of using. It is undoubtedly a 100% money back guarantee and I would highly recommend it!

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