Wednesday, April 10, 2019

WOD Wednesday #101

5 rounds for time of:
1-minute handstand hold
21 toes-to-bars

STIMULUS: Noobs and Bros would look at this one like, “So what’s after this?” If you BS through this workout, you’ll definitely feel like it’s a glorified warmup. But these are two tough movements in the volume they’re being presented. If you take this workout “For Quality” – meaning not looking at the time, if at all, until the very end – then you’ll find a great opportunity; getting better at handstands and toes to bar transfers to a lot of other things.

GROUP: When I did this, I used the 1:00 handstands to mean a running clock, and I did the best I could within that minute. I usually spent around 40-45 seconds out of that minute in the handstand. I’m glad I did too because I could feel myself overextending on the last two rounds. For the toes to bar, I like to use kipping in high number and not worry about hitting the actual bar, but being able to get a good rhythm and keep a good Pike position. I also used rings for them because my shoulders were feeling tight and it helped me get the legs a little higher. When scaling for a group, I’d not worry about the “to bar” part and just get the feet as high as possible with the legs straight. This helps keep the integrity of the pike position, the kipping motion, and the relative intensity, plus makes it less likely for the athletes to pull with the arms. The running clock on handstands is self-scaling; all you a-holes who have stronger shoulders than me can accumulate 1 minute. If wall/bar space is limited, split into 1-minute stations, best efforts for each exercise within the minute. Don’t worry about reps. Hit up the comments for any injury scales.

WARMUP: 3 rounds of: Kip – prime overhead position and rhythm Squat – always needed and loosens up hips Jump rope – always needed, especially when snowy, and singles are undervalued in running skill transfer Rope climb – warm up the grip a little, we need them even though I always get complaints Hip extension – kind of a Pike position, prims hips and hamstrings

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