Wednesday, March 20, 2019

WOD Wednesday #99

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Dumbbell clean and jerks
Strict pull-ups
GHD sit-ups

Men: 35-lb. DBs
Women: 25-lb. DBs

STIMULUS:  With these ones, I think it’s best to have an understanding about movement standards and movement factors. Standards are universal and not made by people. Midline stability, loading order, and laws of torque are really the three to keep in mind in the weight room. Factors are things coaches add in a workout to make it difficult for an athlete to hold the standards (load, range of motion, fatigue, strategy, and volume are all man-made factors, not natural movement standards). You can keep your midline stable in a deadlift? Okay then let’s add 100 pounds to the bar. Still good? How bout 10 reps instead of 1. Still good? Now do 15 burpees as fast as you possibly can then see how your midline looks on deadlifts. Oh now it looks sloppy? Let’s downgrade one of the factors. That’s the best way to approach this one. Midline stability is probably the best standard to look at for this one. Go as smooth on c&js, as high on pull-ups, as far back on GHDs, and as fast between exercises as you can as long as you keep your midline from changing. When it does (inevitably), take a short break or decrease range of motion. This is a training workout that doesn’t necessarily have to be perfectly comparable-to in the future.

GROUP: As with a few days ago, I think any kind of bar work is better than rings for this kind of workout for most people. I could be wrong though. Static hangs, flexed hangs, and jumping negatives can work. Actually now that I think of it, best bet might be to do stations. 3 minutes of each, then 2 minutes of each, then 1 minute of each; just count reps on the one-minute round. This can help with lack of equipment too. As for the GHD, one of our teens a few years ago designed a 10-person double-sided GHD for us. Obviously this is awesome. I’ll post some details sometime when I see GHDs up again. A static tuck hold or tuck hang would probably be a good sub. 

INJURY: The rings could be useful if there’s an arm injury. Dumbbells are useful too – just use one arm. As for spinal stuff, I would try squats with a 5-lb. plate held out in front to sub for a GHD sit-up. Everything else should be fine.

I’M SCALING THIS WELL IF: my abs are the limiting factor in strict pull-ups, I am breathing somewhat heavy in the second round of clean and jerks, I feel GHD sit-ups anywhere but my lower back, and I feel like I have a little more in the tank after the workout is over.

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