Wednesday, March 27, 2019

WOD Wednesday #100

For time:
9 thrusters
1,000-m row
15 thrusters
1,000-m row
21 thrusters

Men: 65 lb.
Women: 45 lb.

I look at this one as a sprint, so the things I look at for limiting factors would be rack position on thrusters and distance on the rower. Dumbbells would be a good idea for a lot of people in my opinion. Now for equipment, we don't have rowers so we'll run.

Some of our track kids might do a 1,000, but most will probably do 600 or 800. Now since we're in Michigan, so we're ready to run in anything except ice. If it's icy, we'll probably scale to running jump ropes (alternating feet and focusing on the Figure-4 Runner's Pose) and dumbbells for everyone (to save on space/barbells rolling around).

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