Monday, February 10, 2020

Product Review: Barbell Apparel

Product and Company Preview:
Your clothing deserves to be better. Hand-crafted from premium materials, our Athletic Chino Pants are built to perform like high-tech athletic gear.

With our omnistretch fabric, these pants will keep your quads comfortable and give you complete freedom of movement with the fashion conscious fit that's made our pants best sellers.


  • Technologically Advanced Flexible Fabric 
  • Sits just below the waist 
  • Generous through hips, thighs, & glutes 
  • Straight from knee to ankle 

Barbell Apparel was founded with a simple vision: clothing should be better.

Founded by a team of friends and athletes, we started our story by launching our Athletic Fit Jeans on Kickstarter.

That campaign grew past our wildest expectations, becoming the 2nd most funded fashion project of all time, and sparking a change across the fashion industry to bring "Athletic Fit" mainstream. Since then, we've launched three more successful Kickstarter campaigns, been featured on ABC's Shark Tank, and sold out of our Athletic Fit Havok Polo over 3 times.

Our mission is to inspire you to reach your full potential. Your fitness isn’t about what you do today. It’s the result of what you are willing to do every day. We apply the same relentless dedication to developing our flawless athletic fits and cutting-edge technical fabrics, culminating in high performance, ultra comfortable clothing that is far greater than the sum of it’s parts.

You train hard in the gym. Our clothing works even harder to show it off.  Because when it’s all said and done, the fiercest competitor is rarely the most talented, but always the most disciplined.

My Review:
I had pretty much given up on wearing jeans/khakis due to large glute, quads from baseball causing them to not fit properly in any one pair, relative to my height and waist size . I saw Barbell Apparel on shark tank awhile back and then again at the Arnold Sports festival and finally getting a chance to try them out.  Barbell Apparel was one of the first companies to bring ‘athletic fit’ into vogue with their stretch jeans. They were the second most funded fashion project on Kickstarter and went on to present on ABC’s Shark Tank where they crushed it with their Athletic Fit Havok Polo.

I have been wearing my barbell apparel khaki pants for an extended period of time to test its fit and durability from what is promised during my physical therapy internship as an assistant. I won't be lifting/working out in them by any means but in any case, so far the fit is much better than any other pairs of pants I've ever owned. Mobility increase is huge as well. While I may not workout in them, the flexibility of material allows me to better demonstrate exercises and technique to clients and patients in the clinic with no restrictions. I can run, jump, kick, etc with no restriction of movement. It feels like I'm wearing sweatpants at work.Image result for barbell apparel"

The pants itself are pretty standard as far as design go. They look like regular jeans or khakis, which is exactly the point. The real star of the show is the fabric. A combination of 95% Cotton, 4% polyester and 1% spandex makes the fabric very soft, but more crucially; VERY flexible. Normal jeans/pants have no give what so ever, resulting in the above mentioned constricted legs. But the Barbell Apparel products stretch in all the right places while staying in check in places where no stretching is required like calves or ankles for example.

This means complete freedom of movement, which is almost a liberation for someone like me who always had to watch out with movements. No more worries though, these khakis allow you to squat, bend, lunge, twist and swing any way you want to, without ripping open. Demonstrating how to pick something up from the floor is no longer an issue as the pants move with you and allow full ROM.

All pairs come in a 34” length inseam which is common for luxury brands but note, men’s legs do not come in increments of 2”.
They will set you back $135 (after using my promo code "jones19" for 10% OFF!) plus shipping, which is certainly not cheap. But if you look at jeans from other established brands that are not fitness friendly you could easily be spending that kinda money, so while not cheap the value is certainly there. Since I will be wearing the same khaki pants every day during my next 8 week clinical rotation, I will have to wait to comment on durability, which is the biggest question mark, but I see no reasons, after wearing them several times the past month, to be alarmed.

My Rating: 9.2/10
The jeans from Barbell Apparel are exactly as advertised and provide all the benefits of wearing jeans without any of the drawbacks in a, in my opinion, stylish package. These pants fit perfect, look great and also feel so comfortable. The second you try them on you will never want to wear any other pants. My rating is based on the wait to gauge durability and the slight price barrier that may prevent some consumers to be able to afford such awesome pants!

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