Friday, February 22, 2019

Open Workout 19.1 Tips sponsored by Leopard Claw

Time to bust out our latest Open 2019 workout! Here’s what we’ve got to get you fired up this week:

15 min AMRAP
19 Wall balls
19 Calorie Row

As usual, it looks easy at first glance. But this workout can take a hefty toll on the unprepared. Here are our expert tips to get you through with peak performance.

Wall Ball Tips
  • Keep your elbows high and in, with your hands underneath the ball instead of on the sides. This will help prevent shoulder and arm fatigue.
  • Keep your chest up and try not to round your back so your lungs stay open and your breathing steady.
  • Break up the wall balls early (like 10/9) and then however you need to break them up as you listen to your body. But take only a second or two for your breaks, then get back to that wall!
  • If you have lifters, wear them! The added heel lift will help keep proper form through all your squats.

Rowing Tips
  • Don't go too hard out of the gate. Keep your pulls long and steady so that you don't exhaust yourself early on.
  • Keep good posture with your chest up. This will help catch your breath and keep your lungs open.
  • Use your legs more than your arms. Even though you're doing tons of wall balls, your legs are stronger than your arms! Wall balls will tax your shoulders, so give them a bit of a rest using mostly your legs to row.

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