Monday, January 7, 2019

Product Review: Titan Fitness Heavy Foam Plyo Box (30/24/20in)

Product Details
The Titan Fitness pro-duty Foam Plyometric Box is perfect to start doing box jumps, box push-ups, dips, step ups, and other creative exercises. Are your workouts too easy on the 20" side? Simply rotate the box to add 4"-10", forcing you to jump higher and burn more calories! These boxes are constructed from high density foam and built to last. With up to a 350 lb weight limit, you can be confident that when you land your jump, this box will support you. An added bonus is that the edges and sides won’t hurt your shins!

- Pro-duty firm foam construction
- Soft material helps prevent injury
- Slip free surface
- No assembly required
- Save money and space with 3 box sizes in 1
- Solid foam platform supports heavy weight athletes
- Rotate the box for more challenging heights

67lb Specifications:
- Material: Foam
- Height: 20"
- Width: 24"
- Length: 30"
- Weight: 67 LB

Product Review:
I am a huge crossfitter, doing 2-3 sessions a day. I wanted a foam plyo at home but did not want to spend a fortune on some of the other brands with less utility. I did a good amount of research and found this one to be very sturdy and high quality. Foam plyos are great, though can be deceiving. They are soft but they cannot be too soft or you do not get the right feel and landing on them can be difficult. This one seemed to have a good stiffness to it as well as it weighed enough to know that when I use it at 30" (which is most of the time) it will not tip or be unstable. It has performed well, seems like it will hold up for the long haul, just wish the foam was a hair stiffer. Great quality none the less for a very reasonable price. Perfect for a home garage box.

There are alot of wooden ones out there but this one is great, knowing that it is foam makes that jump easier for those that have never tried it before. The ladies I am working out with had never Attempted box jumps, it was great to see.  It came put together already (unlike my wood box) which was a plus. I've bit it and landed my shins on it, and only bruised my ego (versus splitting open my shin like on my wood plyo box).

This is HEAVY. I have to either sled push or tire flip it across my garage. I've had 0 issues with tipping, and there is plenty of surface area for box jumps/jump overs. Cover unzips, although I just wipe clean with a Lysol wipe. Colors are great to easily find the height I need.  Already had a couple members save their shins on this box.  The only down side is that and the fact it has to be flipped all the way to where you want to use it (no handles obviously).

Each jump box features an ultra dense foam core with softer foam on all six sides—making them firm and secure enough to perform plyometric movements, but soft enough that you won’t tear up your shins on the edges if you misstep. The box can be quickly positioned at three different height settings—20", 24", and 30"—and an 18 ounce vinyl is included with printed indications of which height you’re jumping at.  This plyo box is an absolute steal. It’s everything that the first offering was not. Heavy, sturdy and safe. The Black Friday sale price was insane for this piece of equipment.
In conclusion, by removing much of the fear factor and injury risks from high-intensity box jumps, and by allowing multiple athletes to set their own preferred height, the Titan Fitness Heavy Foam Box offers huge benefits for any size training facility.  The durable vinyl cover resists wear and tear while remaining firm even after heavy use. Never worry about footprints or dirt again, as the vinyl covering allows for easy cleanup.   This 3-in-1 Ballast Plyo Box is a staple item of any fitness studio or box. It allows you to design your workout & adjust on the fly. This unmatched versatility removes clutter from a workout space.

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