Monday, December 31, 2018

MotusX - Being Proactive, Instead of Reactive

Did you know the biggest factor that can impact your retirement planning is your musculoskeletal health as you age?  The costs for things such as hospital stays and surgical procedures that occur due to failing health or immobility can wreck your retirement plans.  Most of these costs and declines are closely associated with musculoskeletal problems.  In December 2012 a study on the Global Burden of Disease found musculoskeletal conditions such arthritis and back pain affect more than 1.7 BILLION people worldwide.  Musculoskeletal conditions are the second leading cause of disability we face.  There are things you can do to give yourself an advantage and protect your movement health and wellness as you age.  While most Americans recognize the importance of getting regular check ups at the dentist twice a year to make sure their teeth stay healthy they don't seem to see the same necessity of getting regular checkups on their mobility and movement health even though musculoskeletal costs far outweigh dental costs annually.  Just like going to the dentist before you have a cavity helps you avoid more expensive procedures later, so does getting regular movement check ups from your local physical therapist.

Like I said earlier, the majority of falls and fractures are created due to declines in movement, mobility and strength.   By getting regular check ups, a therapist can help you put the steps in place to keep you moving well as you age.

At Motus X, you can see us without a doctor's order.  We can evaluate your movement needs and make recommendations for corrections.  The cost of a visit with us could save you considerably more in the future.  Don't wait until you have a problem to get checked out.  Stay ahead of the game and help make sure that you are able to enjoy the retirement that you have planned so hard for.

- Written by Sonya Briggs, PT

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