Wednesday, November 14, 2018

WOD Wednesday #92

Five rounds of:
20 GHD Sit-ups
5 Push jerk

There's the beauty of this WOD. YOU choose the weight for the Push Press. Are you really strong? Got some experience with Oly lifts? Verrrry cool. Pick a big number. It looks like the target time for this WOD, the time domain we are aiming for is 10:00. Pick a weight that will put you in that range.

Sticking with movement 2, what is a Push Jerk? We have three foundational overhead lifts, the Press, the Push Press, and the Push Jerk. Well now, any guesses where you might find a video or two on the difference? YES! The "Youtube". The Push Jerk begins with the weight, whatever you have chosen, in the rack position, across your upper chest and anterior delts. The first move is a DIP, a bend in the knees, followed by an explosive DRIVE or your legs, arms, and explosive opening of your hips. In mid-drive there is a second DIP as you complete the overhead move by "catching" the weight above in a 1/4 squat. Stand up with the weight overhead. One. Do five.

20 GHD sit-ups. Glute Ham Developer. A devious device, that. Have you used one before? Do you regularly and routinely do GHD sit-ups as part of your warm-up? Of COURSE you haven't! Of COURSE you don't! Heck, anybody who is here who doesn't regularly and routinely practice GHD sit-ups SHOULD NOT DO GHD SIT-UPS in this WOD.

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