Monday, October 1, 2018

Quotes and Food for Thought

- "Effectiveness is doing the right thing. Efficiency is doing things the right way.  But doing something well, does not make it important."

- "If you feel like you don't have time, then it actually means you just don't have clear priorities."

- It is en vogue these days to be a PT and write a big dissertation style post about how people have different bones. If you walk into my gym and lead with "but I've got long femurs" I'll say "that's nice, but it doesn't excuse you from squatting in a stable and efficient manner." If you as a coach can't understand how to get anyone you come across to start squatting well for them regardless of their bones you are missing something.

-  Think of the curl as a way to work flexion and external rotation of the elbow and shoulder a little different way. Slow controlled curls can actually be a way of helping improve you crap front rack. It is also another way to work on keeping a solid trunk with a load away from your center of mass. Many will find it incredibly difficult to actually be fully supinated.   How do you think about a one arm row? Do you think about it as a back exercise or do you think about it as a way to work on a stable foot and trunk while maintaining abdominal volume and proper breathing while in a staggered and hinged position?

The heavy suitcase carry. What is it to you? I like it because I can ask someone to pick up that heavy thing for me and bring it over here and instantly I can see how well they can maintain trunk stiffness, abdominal volume, and manage breathing under load while doing something. I don't need to much else. If you let go of tension and I get this weird sideways ab bulge. Then I reset tension and get back to an even abdominal volume. This is what makes 1 armed carries so powerful if you coach them well and get the person to understand what they should be focusing on. What you start to realize is a lot of strength and conditioning is really just training your ability to stabilize your trunk a bunch of different ways in a bunch of different shapes. If you see weird sideways ab, the person has yet to achieve fencepost status. Sturdy like an oak.

- One of the things we cannot always control is structural symmetry. We can, however, control how the system moves as a whole. You'll note that my right side looks far different than my left side. But, my gross motor control is constant and symmetrical. Fascial and muscular systems will always reflect the realities of playing a uni-lateral sport (like baseball or golf or, in my case, canoeing). And yet, the body has a miraculous way of managing these imperfect system strains into a cogent whole. We need to remind ourselves always that our brains are wired for movement, not muscles, or connective tissues. We don't chase asymmetrical structural compensation. We plan for it, manage it, expect it, and adjust load and practice accordingly. Don't loose the forest for the trees.

- It is all about shifting mindset. What do you do with a saw horse and railroad tie when you are in your 70's and suffering from lower back pain and are contemplating getting an appointment with a surgeon and some injections? You get to work dragging the tie around your yard and deadlifting the one end and figuring out how to do sit ups and back extensions with your saw horse. Seeing me in the beginning for a little manual work may be the catalyst but in the end you are in control. Sometimes you need someone to tell you that. Notice how simple this stuff is. Things are often made purposely complicated to keep people in the dark.

-  Monday I tweaked my back doing some one arm swings with a 24kg kettlebell. Got lazy. Pretty minor pain but enough to interfere with some things. Did some very minor joint and soft tissue stuff to myself for about 10 minutes the next day then got right back to training with the KB, bar, and sled. Thursday I was good to go. I think to myself other people may have went to some kind of professional and maybe some x rays would be taken and maybe they would have been convinced to take on some extensive 3 time a week plan because they have some "misalignment" or "degenerative disease." You are not as fragile as you think and maybe some manual work is needed for a very short time as a small fraction of the solution but you need to get back to doing stuff. There is nothing fancy that needs to be done. Fancy is bullshit. You are in control.

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