Wednesday, August 15, 2018

WOD Wednesday #83

5 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
75-lb. overhead squats, 25 reps
75-lb. sumo deadlift high pulls, 25 reps

5 rounds for time (task-specific WOD) of the triplet Run 800M, 25 Overhead Squats (OHS) with 75lb., and 25 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (SDHP), also with 75lb on the bar.

25 OHS with 75lbs. This is 75 total pounds including the weight of the bar, 55 for women. A men’s Olympic bar weighs 45lbs. so put 2 10lb. plates on each side of the bar for an Rx’d weight. Women’s bars weigh 35lbs. so a single 10lb. plate on each side gets you Rx. Take the bar off the rack in a back squat position, spread your hands out well beyond shoulder width and press or jerk the bar above your head. Alternatively, since this is a relatively light weight feel free to just snatch it (ground to overhead with a wide grip in one movement) in order to get into position. From here you just squat, just like every other squat we’ve done this month. Load the posterior chain (send your butt back), squat down keeping your knees from tracking inside your feet until the crease of your hip is below your knees. Stand straight up. Do it 24 more times.

The Sumo Deadlift High Pull is a movement that invites scorn outside of the CrossFit community, but it is actually a rather elegant exercise that illustrates a very basic element of functional movements: a pattern of core to extremity as you move through the parts of the exercise. Spread your legs apart wider than shoulder width, the sumo stance. Bend your knees, bend at the waist while maintaining the lordotic (lower back) curve and grasp a loaded barbell (or KB). Straighten your legs, rapidly open your hips, and raise the bar by bringing your hands to your chin with your elbows higher than your hands. To return the load to the ground simply reverse the movement: hands lowered, hips close slightly and legs bend. It’s like a row: legs->back->arms->arms->back->legs. 25 per round.

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