Wednesday, July 25, 2018

WOD Wednesday #80

3 rounds for time of:
100 squats
50 box jumps, 20-inch box
45-lb. dumbbell clean and jerks, 25 reps

Here's a classic task demand triplet as we come near the end of our month. A couple of gymnastics moves with a little twist on a Weightlifing exercise for your amusement. 3 Rounds For Time (RFT) of 100 Squats/50 Box Jumps 20" (16" for women)/25 Clean and Jerks holding a 45lb. DB in each hand.

100 Squats. Just like "Cindy" these are air squats. Just you, your ass, and gravity. No added weight. Whenever you see just "Squats" posted in the WOD this is what it means. Please, don't try to "make it a little harder" and use a bar. Just don't. 100 per round. From a full standing position squat to a depth at which the crease of your hips is below your knee. Stand up straight with your hips fully opened. One.

50 Box jumps to a 20" Box (again, 16" for women). High rep counts of box jumps are usually to a low box, and here is no exception. From a standing start jump up onto a box, landing with both feet at the same time and finishing the movement by standing straight up. To get down from the Box all should step down one leg at a time. Women should always do this, and anyone who has ever taken the antibiotic Cipro even once should always do this as well. The risk of popping your achilles tendon is just not worth it while training. 50 per round.

Finally, 25 Dumbell (DB) Clean and Jerks (C&J) using 45lb. DB in each hand (30 for women). Beginning with the DB held at mid-shin clean the DB to the Front Rack position and then do a Push Jerk to lift them overhead. 

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