Monday, July 9, 2018

Intro to Kettlebell Sport

For the most part kettlebells are mainstream fitness items now. Most people have heard of them or used them, but most people are still unfamiliar with Kettlebell Sport. Today we are going to give you a quick tutorial on Kettlebell Sport from one of the top competitive kettlebell athletes in the world, Brittany van Schravendijk.

One of the things we really like about kettlebell sport is how easy it is to get started with equipment, some workouts require lots of accessories like plates, barbells, racks, ropes and more. To start training for Kettlebell Sport you just need a kettlebell or two. Second, it is competitive, we are big believers in competitive fitness. Whether you are competing against yourself or others, competition brings out the best in most people and gives you something to work towards whether it is losing weight, improving strength or winning competitions.

The Basics of Kettlebell Sport:

  • endurance kettlebell lifting, lifters have 10 minutes to complete as many reps as possible
  • efficiency and technique are important to maintain energy throughout set
  • lifters compete in specific lifts with either one arm or two arms

The Benefits:

  1. great goals to motivate your workouts
  2. blend of strength, endurance, balance and coordination in one workout equals efficiency
  3. build amazing mental tenacity, this carries over to other aspects of life
In the video below, Brittany goes over Kettlebell Sport, the lifts which lifters compete, what it takes to get started and more. We believe this is how you can take your workouts to the next level and reach ANY fitness goal you have, this is a great form of workout for those new to working out to experienced lifters because there are so many different levels of competition.

Lifters train in three different lifts:

1) Kettlebell Snatch
2) Kettlebell Jerk
3) Long Cycle

In both one arm and two arm events.

We are big believers in Kettlebell Sport as an overall method of training to reach any fitness goal. If you attend Kettlebell Sport competitions you will see people from all kinds of different backgrounds, weights and training levels.

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