Friday, June 1, 2018

Product Review: OSO Pro Barbell Collars

       · Sold in Pairs
       · Made in the USA
       · Designed to be used on 50mm Olympic Bar Sleeves
       · 6061 Billet Aircraft Grade Aluminum
       · Rubberized interior lining to protect bar
       · Locking clamp mechanism for secure hold

My Review:I found this while looking for an alternative collar to replace my regular spring ones. This cog wheel shaped barbell clamp is made of aircraft grade aluminum and fits any 2" olympic barbells. It has a brushed aluminum finish with a plastic lever for a quick lock and unlock mechanism. The inner side of the collar is lined with rubber for added grip and comes with 2-year warranty so long as the damages are sustained while it's on the barbell. It's made in the US and retails for $49.95 plus shipping.

These are fantastic collars! They are easy to put on and off, it is much easier to remove and install them in the OPEN position. Although the NEUTRAL position gives you some room to slide them on and off, unless you pull them off completely straight, they will tend to grip to the barbell.

The locking mechanism is great as well! They clip on extremely tight and the weights stay in place. These are especially useful for situations where dropping the weights repeatedly is necessary such as some crossfit workouts etc.. Any time i ever used and spring clips or cheap clips. the plates eventually end up sliding away.

Overall, I am very pleased.. These are each about 0.4-lbs, for a total of 0.8-lbs. This actually works out better for me since my barbell is 20-kg (44-lbs), so now it's closer to 45-lbs, now I can stop subtracting 1-lb from all my sets.

My Rating: 9.2/10
I've tried several collars over the years and these rank right up there at the top.  The metal makes them feel indestructible and the rubber seal makes complete contact with the circumference of the bar (unlike others that contact the bar in a couple places). The design keeps the weight in place for less adjustments during my WOD's. Just be careful when operating them as the locks can sometimes pinch your fingers if you aren't careful! The last critique is the retail price of $50+ for a pair of collars presents a barrier of purchase to a lot of people looking for cost effective options for their garage gyms, but they are a must for commercial gyms and boxes due to their quality and warranty for the use they will receive! 

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