Friday, June 15, 2018

How to Scale or Substitute an Exercise/Workout (Home Gym Athlete)

·         All workouts can be scaled to better match your current fitness level, technical abilities, or for equipment restrictions.  Scaling ideas can be found online, or referencing suggestions below.

·         PLEASE NOTE: Scaling is the responsibility of the individual to change the workout based on ability level or equipment available to provide a safer workout stimulus/environment.  Any questions please contact a health professional before completing a workout.

·         Workout scaling options include REDUCING the number of repetitions for a particular movement, REDUCING the number of rounds for a particular workout, REDUCING or REMOVING the weight/load of an exercise or REDUCING the total time of a workout period.

o   For example a workout could be scaled such as

Complete 4 Rounds for time:                   
Run 400m                                                   
30 Kettlebell swings                                   
30 Kettlebell goblet squats                  
Complete 3 Rounds: (reduced rounds/time)
Run 300m    (reduction of distance)
20 Kettlebell swings  (reduce reps)
30 Air Squats  (removal of weight/loading)

·         Likewise, specific exercises may be scaled or substituted if they are too challenging or certain
pieces of equipment are not available (such as a pull up bar, box for jumping, or jump rope)

Substitution Options (choose one)
Pull Ups
·         Ring Rows/TRX/ Inverted Rows
·         Single Arm Kettlebell Rows
Double Unders
·         Single Unders  or Line Hops
Hollow Holds/Rocks
·         Dead Bug Progressions
Hand Stand Push Ups and Holds
·         Over Head Kettlebell Hold
·         Kettlebell/Dumbbell Shoulder Press
·         Push Ups
·         Downward Dog Hold
Toes To Bar
·         Leg Lifts with Hold
·         Knees to Elbows
·         Hollow Rocks
·         Sit Ups or V Ups
·         Single Leg Squats to a chair or box
·         Air Squats or Lunges
Step Ups
·         Lunges
·         Chair Dips or Ring Dips
·         Kettlebell or DB Tricep extension
Push Ups
·         Knee or Ring
·         Burpees
Kettlebell Snatches or Clean and Jerks
·         Kettlebell swings (American)
Kettlebell Thrusters
·         Goblet Squats
L Sit
·         Planks or Hollow Holds

·         Workout Movement Substitution Example (due to difficulty of movements and not having access to pull up bar):
20 Minute AMRAP                                           
5 Pull ups                                                           
10 Push ups                                                       
15 Toes to Bar                                                 
20 Minute AMRAP
5 Single Arm Kettlebell Rows (5ea side)
10 Knee Push Ups
15 V Ups

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