Friday, May 11, 2018

Review: Ohio Fitness Garage Cannon Ball Grips & Deloadaz Deadlift Jack

Product Details:
The Deloadaz Alternative Deadlift Jack from OFG is an affordable, portable, easy-to-use alternative to traditional deadlift jacks. Made from a durable natural rubber with a non-slip design, the Deloadaz contoured loading ramp enables athletes to roll a barbell securely onto the elevated platform, making loading and unloading quick and stress-free—no matter the amount of weight. It's also compatible with hexagonal, polygonal, and standard sized bumper plates.

  • Natural rubber, non-slip design
  • Angled ramp and contoured grooves create secure platform for loading/unloading of plates, prevents bar from rolling
  • Can handle any weight amount
  • Lightweight and portable

My Review: Deloadaz - 8.5/10

This thing is a no-brainer if you do deadlifts and don't want to spend a bunch of money on a jack. Such a simple product, yet does what it's supposed to do perfectly. Simply load up the bar with two plates, roll into onto the wedge, and load up the rest of your plates easily.

It's such a simple idea and makes changing plates a breeze. So much better then using a 5 lb plate. If you deadlift heavy this is a must for your gym bag. Most gyms I've been to don't have a jack and they're exspensive and to bulky to carry around. This thing is slightly bigger then a door stop so I don't even notice it's in my bag until I need it.  Also I've found that it works just fine with octagonal plates.

The main advantages of using this versus a small plate for loading your deadlifts are that you can roll the weight onto the wedge and the weight will be firmly cradled in rubber so it won't slip around or roll off while you're loading your plates. The device itself is made of seemingly very durable, heavy duty rubber and I would be quite surprised if anyone managed to break this thing. The wedge is very light, maybe weighing only a few ounces.  I still prefer a standard deadlift jack, but these are a close second.

OFG Cannon Ball Grips: 9.5/10

Feel bored to go to the gym? Give the OFG CannonBall Grips a try. There's a lot to be said about large muscle group and core strength training. The spherical shape of the ball makes these perfect to give you a forearm burning workout.

There is lack of training aids on the market that allow you to train for a hand injury, but the ball does. With the open hand design, all of your hand tendons lay ergonomically around the ball allowing you to continue to stay on top of your core and upper body strength; injured or not. Since you can rotate the cannonballs while on them, you can switch from pull up, to chin, to biceps pull up all in one set. The diameter of each ball is 3 inches which is smaller than the size of a regulation softball. Common places to hang the bombs are from pull up bars, rafters, doorways and of course, everywhere you would think of putting up a pull up bar.

You can use them for pull-ups or attach them to a barbell, kettle bell, or dumbbell to enhance grip strength across nearly any part of your regimen. They look and feel indistructable. Occasionally also take them for a farmers carry of a single kettle bell while walking the dog. If ever there is a question whether the cannonball grip is worthy, just ask yourself after a couple sets of cannonball grip pullups, 'could I have done more regular grip pullups on the bar without the cannonballs?' If the answer is "yes" (it will be) you know you are really working your grip and forearms with the cannonballs.

My weakness has been my grip strength. As my lifting has progressed to heavier weights my grip has been a limiting factor and I have resorted to using lifting straps. They have proven to be a double edged sword as my grip strength never seems to catch up! Spring grips or rubber squeeze balls just doing seem to help with the hang strength needed. Enter the Cannon Balls. Nothing I have used has been as effective or intense as these for working the forearms and grip strength. Even as I sit here I am having a hard time typing because my fingers aren’t moving right after a workout. After a month of use I have seen huge improvement in my grip strength. I would recommend having some lifting chalk as they do tend to get a little slick.

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