Monday, April 16, 2018

Festivus Games Competition Day Details and Prep


Check-In :
Although you’ve registered you need to check in the morning of your event at the Host when they say you need to be there. If your Host has given you the time of your first WOD you still need to check-in along with everyone else bright and early. When is that? It’s normally 8am your time but it can be 7am or 8:15 or …. something else. So visit the INFO link for your Host and see what they say about it.

Gym Bag/Cooler : Your Host will have an area for you to put a gym bag, and small cooler. There may be room for a foldable chair but there might not. This is where you’ll hang out when you aren’t checking out others doing the WODs or competing.

Athlete Briefing :
The MC or Head Judge will give all Athletes a run down of how the day is going to go, what they expect from you with respect to sportsmanship, to respect the fact that nearly all Judges are volunteering and paid nothing so be respectful and accept their decision, where to put your stuff for the day and so on. Some Hosts will also use the briefing to demo proper/expected form of each movement. Other Hosts will demo proper/expected form right before a new WOD starts in their day.

Assignment to a HEAT : You will be assigned to a HEAT (which is a group of athletes who perform a WOD at the same time.) If a Host has 50 athletes they may have 10 heats of 5 athletes each. This would mean you’d do whatever WOD is required with 4 other athletes at your specific time. They may have 5 heats of 10 athletes. In that case there’d be 9 other athletes besides you all doing a WOD at the same time. It is 100% up to the Host how to break up their athletes into HEATS and LANES (a station you do your WOD at). Assigning athletes to HEATS and LANES is how Hosts keep things relatively sane without having too many athletes active all at once.

Warm-Up Area : Most Hosts will have some designated area for you to warm-up. In smaller boxes there might be a very limited area possible for this. As an athlete we recommend you talk to your Coaches and be thinking about optimal ways you can warm up for each WOD without even having access to barbells or equipment and assuming a very small space to do so. The great thing about functional fitness is there are great body weight only movements or body weight + band/rope movements that’ll get you by in a pinch.

WOD Order : Your Host does not have to run the WODs in order. They may start with WOD 3 first or whatever logistically works best for them. What we ask all Hosts, however, is to make sure all athletes of a same division all do the WODs in the same order for fairness.

When Is Your First WOD? : Depending on what heat you are in you may be actively competing at 9am or you might not even have your first WOD until 11 or whatever. It depends on total athletes, how many heats and lanes the Host has sets up, and what heat you are in. You will know your heat after you arrive and can take a look at the heat sheet the host provides.

Time Between WODs : We advise all Hosts to try and give you a 45-minute to 90-minute break between WODs. Some flexibility to this is necessary though as Hosts need to do what is best for their space, safety, staff availability etc. But as an athlete you can expect that once you complete any WOD you’ll have about this much time as a break until you are doing the next WOD.

Floater WOD : Some Hosts will simply have a separate area for the Floater and it’s first-come, first-served. Some Hosts will ask that you sign up for a time when you want to do the Floater. Regardless of how the Host has the Floater WOD set up start thinking about WHEN you think you’re going to want to do it. The Host has the discretion to set the time it MUST be done by. This is because the Host knows it must be done by everyone before it’s time to figure out who goes to FINALS so that podium placements can be determined. For some Hosts they may need everyone to have the Floater done by Noon. Other Hosts won’t need to have the Floater done until 3pm or so. It’ll depend. Ask the Host if it’s not clear when it has to be done.

Finals WOD : Once all three of the primary WODs plus the Floater WOD are complete the Host will take some time and then announce who gets to do the Finals WOD. Only the top five athletes in each division will get to do it. If there are five or fewer athletes in a division then everyone in that division will, for sure, do the Finals WOD. The Host will also announce what the Finals WOD is, how it works, and will have someone demo the proper movement form for each part of it so you know right then and there how to do it correctly. The Finals WOD may, again, be conducted in heats so that all athletes who qualify aren’t all doing the Finals WOD at the same time. The Finals WOD is not a winner take all. It is treated exactly with the same weight as the other WODs so winning the Finals WOD doesn’t mean you get first place for your division – it depends on yours and the other athletes’ rankings of ALL the WODs including finals.

Podium Awards : The top three in each division make the podium and get a cool Festivus Games medal and some great swag too! After the Finals WOD the host will take some time and then announce who has made the podium.

Day Finishes : Most Festivus Games events finish by 4pm but some will finish by Noon and others won’t be over until 6pm or so. It really varies on total athletes, number of heats and lanes the host runs, space and more. Be prepared to start your day VERY early and not be leaving until dinner time.

What To Eat : Pack a cooler with everything in containers that make getting what you want easy and thoughtless. If you were to follow our general recommendations here to a “T” your cooler might have in it:
2-4 sea-salt seasoned chicken breasts or thighs
1-2 cooked yams
2-4 cups cooked brown rice
1-2 cups macadamia nuts
1/4 cup honey
bottled water
banana and/or grapes
coconut water (optional)
Gatorade (optional)
Energy bars (optional)
Powder for shakes or premixed drinks (optional)

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