Friday, February 23, 2018

CrossFit Open Workout 18.1 Tips Guide - Powered by Bear Komplex

Welcome to the 2018 CrossFit Open! If you haven’t heard or seen it yet, 18.1 is….

20min AMRAP of:
8 Toes to Bar
10 Dumbbell hang clean and jerk (50/35) – 5 per side
14/12 Cal row

Score= total reps

This is great workout that will test your grip and your motor. Don’t worry if you can’t do this Rx or as written, there are scaling options that include hanging knee ups and dumbbell weights of (35/20).

Here are some Tips and Tricks when approaching this workout:
  • HAVE FUN!! This is just for fun so have a good time and just keep moving! 
  • Rx vs Scaled- Any Rx score will trump a scaled score. Even if it takes you 20mins to do 1 T2B Rx, that is a higher score than anything scaled and we’ll take it! If T2B is not your limitation, but the weight is too heavy, do as much as you can Rx until you have to scale. Otherwise, please feel free to start your workout scaled. The Open is when PRs are broken and new skills are born!! SO TRY!!
  • Grip- Try to maintain a hook grip whenever possible for all 3 movements until you fatigue, then transition to a false grip
  • T2B- (This is your rest) Do smaller sets or singles to maintain your pace, this will also allow for a break on your grip
  • DB hang clean and jerk- Power through these if you can and try not to let go of the DB; find a rhythm that works for you. DON’T FORGET TO PAUSE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HANG AND AT THE SHOULDER BEFORE JERKING (AVOID A DB SNATCH). 
  • Row- Get on the rower! No matter how slow you go, you are still doing work. Set your damper at a number that will allow you to say a few words when you dismount the rower so you can immediately hop on the rig for your T2B.

Suggested Warm Up: 3x

200m row
5 Scap pulls
5 Beat swings
8 slow controlled one arm DB high pull w/ light weight on each arm
Couch Stretch
Lunges x 10
Banded Good mornings x 10
5 Inch worms

With the small rep schemes and relatively light load, this workout is designed to keep you motoring—continuously for 20 minutes.  You should aim to find a deliberate pace right out of the gate; look for something just below that “threshold pace” (not necessarily comfortable but certainly not redline).
Do not get sucked into the numerous repetitive transitions and waste time; stay deliberate throughout. And if rowing is a strong suit for you, I think you are going to enjoy this workout!

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