Wednesday, January 17, 2018

WOD Wednesday #54 - Powered by KettleGuard

5 Rounds for time:

- 6 Turkish Get Ups (total, alternating sides)
- 6 Kettlebell Overhead Press (each side)
- 10 Kettlebell Snatches (each side)

About KettleGuard:

Image result for kettle guardKettleGuard is the only adjustable wrist protection device available for kettlebell lifting. Add or remove inserts to accommodate your level of comfort! Add or remove inserts as you progress in your training!

KettleGuard’s slim and flexible design allows you to train properly while keeping the kettlebell as close to your arm/wrist as possible. As experienced lifters, we know that hand insertion is key to Snatch and Clean technique. KettleGuard allows the user to achieve the closest possible distance between the hand/wrist and the kettlebell. With Kettleguard, you benefit from tactile feedback so that technique enhancements can be made as your lifting advances!

KettleGuard is the only patented protective wrist band product on the market to address the technical and comfort issues associated with kettlebell lifting and training. KettleGuard is the choice of World Champions and beginners alike! KettleGuard has protected athletes on the platform at IUKL World & European Championships, WKC World Championships, as well as countless other prestigious International Kettlebell Competitions!

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