Wednesday, January 3, 2018

WOD Wednesday #52 - Powered by BFR Bands

Three - 5 Minute Rounds:
-  10 Sand Bag Cleans
-  100m Run

Rest 3 minutes between rounds

About Blow Flow Restriction Bands:
Low-intensity training performed with occlusion bands provides a unique experience for those interested in rapid muscle growth in a short period of time. Using blood flow restriction training, it is possible to achieve noticeable results using intensities as low as 20 percent. Muscle hypertrophy can be observed in as little as three weeks using blood flow restriction training.

The effectiveness of blood flow restriction training is based on how your body responds to stress. When blood is allowed to enter a target muscle and prevented from leaving, the cells will begin to swell. The swelling of the cells signals “danger” to your muscles. In response, your muscle lays down new fibers and grows bigger to compensate for the extra load you’re placing on it. BFR training also increases the buildup of lactic acid in the muscle. Lactic acid stimulates IGF-1 production as well as protein synthesis, thereby increasing growth.

The typical BFR training workout calls for three to five sets of a particular exercise until volitional muscle fatigue is reached. The metabolic buildup that occurs with this type of training causes a rise in the production of human growth hormone that is equal to or greater than the levels that occur when using regular weight training at higher intensities.
Who Can Use BFR?

BFR training is ideal for :

  • Those who are unable to tolerate high loads during weight training due to joint pain
  • Those who are undergoing cardiac rehabilitation or those recovering from surgery
  • Athletes who need active recovery training sessions
  • Astronauts who have recently returned from space
  • Women who want to gain muscle and strength but don’t want to lift heavy weight
  • Men looking to break through strength and size plateaus

Single-joint resistance (weight training using a single limb) performed along with blood flow restriction has the ability to cause a significant increase in muscle size and joint strength. Although single-joint training has been proven extremely effective, multi-joint training and training for trunk muscles may not show the same results.

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