Wednesday, December 13, 2017

WOD Wednesday #49

5 rounds for time of:
Row 1,000 meters
200-m farmers carry, 45-lb. dumbbells
45-lb. dumbbell waiters walk, 50 meters, right arm
45-lb. dumbbell waiters walk, 50 meters, left arm

5 times around with the triplet Row 1000M, a Farmer’s carry, and left- and right-handed Waiter’s Walks. Sit on the seat. Set the damper—the paddle on the side of the big circle in front of you—to 4 or 5. You can either use the computer to count down from 1000M, or you can count up to 1000. Grab the oar/handle. The stroke is Legs->Back->Arms. The return movement, or catch, is the opposite: Arms->Back->Legs. In the stroke you move from core to extremity. To reset you reverse the direction.

A Farmer’s Carry is actually more of a grip exercise than anything else. Hold a DB in each hand, letting it hang by your side. Move smartly, walk or waddle, for 200M (1/2 a lap on a standard track, up and back on the football field, 0.12 miles on the TM). The Rx’d weight is 45lbs for men, roughly 30lb.s for women. The scale is obviously to use a lighter DB or kettlebell.

 The last of our 3 exercises is the Waiter’s Walk. In your mind’s eye see a waiter walking through the restaurant with a single tray held aloft, elbow locked out. Use one of the DB’s you used for the Farmer’s Carry, first 50M with the right hand, then 50 with the left. Scale as above with a lighter DB. Sub a KB or a plate. You may grip the plate by holding with the hole if you wish, as this is actually more similar to using a DB or KB

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