Friday, December 22, 2017

Product Review: Portable KettleBell

Product Details:
  • Portable? Take it anywhere! At home or on the road, inside the gym or outdoors. When finished, the PKB empty weighs less than 10 oz. & can be rolled up and packed up for travel on vacation or for work.
  • Adjustable? Choose your weight! Fill the PKB up with sand, water, dirt or rocks with sizes and weights ranging from 0 - 45lbs. Perfect for the beginner to the seasoned kettlebell enthusiast.
  • Versatile? More than a kettlebell! The PKB can be used as a dumbbell, weighted ball and more allowing you to create full body workouts with one piece of equipment.
  • Safe? Designed to protect! The PKB can be dropped and tossed without destroying you or your surroundings, within reason of course!

Key Features
• Handmade of Ballistic Nylon: Puncture, tear, abrasion resistant
• Use just about any filler: dry or wet sand, pebbles, gravel, dirt, mud... Water (Must purchase water bladder to hold liquid)
• Webbing reinforced: 1,800lb+ tensile strength
• Includes a 4" X 3" swath of loop velcro to personalize with patches
• Made in the U.S.A.

I really like the concept of the PKB Kettlebell. I received a big (blue) bag - up to 45 lbs. Then bought a 50 lb bag of "Play Sand" at Home Depot. Put portions of 6-7lbs of sand into common plastic supermarket bags, tired them up, and put them one by one into the PKB. The total weight of PKB is 40lbs. I am quite satisfied with the result. I guess if I need more weight I could add some metal. One option could be "steel shot in bulk bags of 50#".

This kettlebell is very functional. Not too big (will fit between legs for kettlebell swings), adjustable, and portable. The handle grips are also softer than traditional metal kettlebells so its easy on the hands. I find I can fit about 60 pounds max when I fill with wet sand.   I'm generally happy with it for 2-hand swings. But the handle is alittle flimsy for 1-arm swings.  If they just used a little beefier handle, this would make this usable for 1-arm swings. I typically just use the PKB when travelling for clinicals and use my competition bells when I can get into the gym.  Sand fill is preferred but just plain dirt would work also. Having the PKB in a racked position for doing presses or using it for TGUs is a little wonky but doable. Snatches are also doable but the problem with the insufficient handle precludes doing very many at a time.

This is a great idea. you can add more sand/water as you become stronger and need the extra weight.  I travel every couple months and also do a kettle bell workout several times a week. It's a fast workout and gets maximum effect in a short amount of time.  I also use Air B&B's or stay in economical hotels that don't offer gym facilities. To tell you the truth, even high end hotels have not really caught up to Kettle Bells. There are plenty of weights gathering dust though. This is a perfect product to fold up in my travel bag, fill up with water to the weight I need and do my workout before or after a business meeting without missing a beat.  I love these because I don't have to worry about them damaging the floor. I have been mixing them up to use two different weights at the same time

PKB Content:

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