Thursday, November 23, 2017

Product Review: SignsRx Dry Erase Boards

Product Details:
The Whiteboard is the most frequently used piece of gear in your CrossFit affiliate and every one of your members and coaches looks at it every day! Every gym needs a whiteboard that represents their community, brand, name, logo, and colors.

Add organization and professionalism to your box with our custom designed Dry Erase WOD Boards. Several different designs to choose from, customizeable to any color scheme. We can even custom design boards for you to meet your specific needs for your box. 

SignsRx specializes in custom boards designed and tailored to fit your exact specifications. Custom sizes, colors, and graphics are just a few of the many options that are available. Our ultra durable boards are long-lasting and give your gym a clean, professional look.

You will upload your artwork (i.e. ai, pdf, eps, psd, jpeg files) at the end of the order process.

*Additional artwork charges may apply if file sizes are not compatible with print requirements.

We use high-quality, full-color digital printing, which means your dry erase boards will look eye-catching, bright, and vibrant.

SignsRx Dry Erase Boards are made for indoor use only.

The life of your board will vary based on frequency of use.

SignsRx will warranty your board for up to 6 months as long as they are NEVER CLEANED with anything other than specified dry erase cleaners. WINDEX, 409, FIT WIPES and other cleaners will ruin your boards and cause them to wrinkle.

Product Review:
The effortless glide of an expo dry-erase marker onto a smooth high-gloss whiteboard can solve anything from the toughest matters in physics, to the detailed planning of a photographer, and even the complex programming for athletes.

The question I often find myself asking most is…how I turn more of my wall space into thinking space? Enter SignsRx.

The whiteboard is a standard feature in workout facilities for good reason. They set expectations, motivate and encourage, create accountability, and reinforce goals. This was done to motivate them to new levels of performance, following the mantra, "Men will die for points." Gyms around the world have followed this model. A well-designed fitness whiteboard can also help create a professional atmosphere in your gym.

The most common designs display warm-up exercises, WOD, and results. Alternatively, these fitness record boards can be designed to display any type of lift, exercise, or strength test. Because they are dry erase, they can be easily updated the moment the record is broken; adding to the excitement and encouraging friendly competition in the gym.

Nothing makes a member happier than getting their name on the board that first time. Nothing makes a seasoned athlete happier than knocking another seasoned athlete off the board. The motivation and camaraderie that this product brought to our box is priceless. Everyone that comes to our box talks about how great our WOD boards look. I couldn’t be happier.

However, while using the whiteboard available at your local hardware store will work for a short time, you will quickly find that because they are not designed for this purpose removing the writing becomes harder and harder. Eventually this leads to the need to replace the panel.

SignsRx solves this problem and also make your gym look more professional with better organized Workout of the Day (WOD) presentation as well as better organized record boards.

Check out SignsRx for your Dry Erase Boards, signs, posters, decals and gym marketing needs here:

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