Friday, November 3, 2017

Product Review: BMP Parallettes

Product Details:
Parallettes are based off of a well-known gymnastics event, the parallel bars. Since the Parallettes are raised slightly off of the floor you can swing through them, master the handstand push-ups, and test your overall core limit. Strengthening your upper body and core helps improve those two traits we talked about earlier: strength and body control.

Our Parallettes are made with a steel construction, and textured coating that provides a premium grip. They can hold any weight without them shifting during your exercises. 24.25"L x 14.25"W x 13"H. 1 ¾” diameter grip.


  • Steel construction
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 17 lbs.
  • Sold in pairs

My Review:
Parallettes have their roots in gymnastics (re-creating the feel of the parallel bars), but the type of dynamic bodyweight exercises they enable can benefit all strength athletes, no matter their sport of choice. From basic dips, L-sits, and planches to explosive swing-throughs and weighted handstand pushups, you can test your limits while strengthening the hands/grip, forearms, core, and legs

Use your bodyweight as resistance and develop unreal strength and endurance. The BMP Parallettes are designed for training elite athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts alike. Standing 14" high, these bars allow for a deep range of motion and room for leg movement. Perfect for HIIT style and crossfit workouts. Once you are able to handle pushups and dips, graduate to L-sit dips and handstand pushups for the ultimate calisthenics challenge.

Good price, excellent finish, strong high quality material, much better than other premium brands. I use it at home to keep myself in shape, I was impressed with the quality of this product, you won't find anything similar for a better price. I wish I would have found it before. I do recommend it to other fitness enthusiast customers.  It is a definite upgrade from my original homemade set of pvc parallettes.  At only $75 for a Steel Parallette Set you will not find a better deal for this quality, compare it to Rogues set which retail over $140.

Strengthen your core and upper body, as well as work on mobility, stability, and balance.
L-Sit Holds
Hand Stand Push-Ups
Practice a Press-to-Hand
L-Sit Press-to-Hand Stand
Straddle Sit Press-to-Hand Stand
Reverse Dips
Practice Hand Stand Pirouettes
Planche: Tuck or Straddle
V-Sit Hold

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