Friday, October 13, 2017

Product Review: Manly Rings - The Hunter and The Warrior!

The Hunter:
You're out there in the rain and the cold. You're one with the leaves and you feel nature on a whole different level than most men. That's why you go out there. To be you. Here is a nice companion for next time your flashlight battery dies...

Deer Antler and Koa Wood inlay, Titanium- 8mm wide

Comfort Fit, so it feels light weight

Includes the Manly Birch Box and classy shipping.

The Warrior:
Out in the wild and in the streets, you valiantly glide upholding your moral code. Calm, cool and collected, your pride is worn on your sleeve - or on your finger with this arrow design.

Tungsten Carbide - Double Groove Plated Black & Laser Car Tire - 8mm wide
Comfort Fit, Scratch Resistant.
Includes black velvet ring box and classy shipping.

Review Info:
Got these rings after going to several jewelry stores and not liking their selections at all.  Being in the fitness industry most of the time I tend to go with a silicone ring, especially while I am at the gym or out in nature.  But with finishing up physical therapy school I decided having a more professional looking ring would be important with having a professional career.

The Warrioris made out of Tungsten. Its strength is unmatched. It is about ten times harder than 18K gold and about four times harder than titanium. Tungsten also holds its shape forever, meaning the ring will not bend or wear down, truly making it timeless in its function and design.Speaking of which reminds me of baseball seems having been a college pitcher!

I choose the Hunter ring, which is made out of Koa Wood, Deer Antler and Titanium.  This particular one was chosen as an inspiration for my love of nature, hunting, and the wild outdoors.  This ring is a great mix of sleek style and natural materials!

I was amazed at the packaging of the product as well. The packaging was extremely durable and stylish and protected my ring very well. The rings themselves are made for guys who are rough with their hands and fashionable!

If you need a quality ring for a great price, look no further! They have many different styles other than the ones I choose, and the staff's responsiveness and genuine care for your satisfaction with their company and product is second to none (They even send a personalized note thanking you for your purchase-nicest staff ever!).  Very pleased with these rings. It is a perfect fit and looks and feels as good as it does in the photos.
This company is AMAZING. Great quality and great prices are just perks to their great customer service and attention to detail.

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