Friday, October 20, 2017

Product Review: GO Mat

Product Details:
A platform for mobility
  • With ¾” of foam your joints will be supported for countless hours of couch stretch.
A platform for sweat
  • Whether it’s handstand push-ups or yoga, an easy-to-clean vinyl surface supports all workouts.
A platform for mental clarity
  • Reset and breathe. GoMat’s provide the perfect perch for meditation or journaling.
  • 32" x 72" x 3/4" 

This mat has been designed with the functional fitness enthusiast in mind and is versatile enough for yoga and pilates.  The GoMat 2.0 is an all-purpose, fully portable workout mat—equipped with a 3/4” layer of high-performance foam padding and a stabilizing non-slip vinyl surface. Whether used for weight training, sit-ups, yoga, or anything in-between, the GoMat’s compact size (72” x 32”) and unique roll-up design make it well-suited and adaptable to any training space.

The GoMat’s key advantage over many other home gym mats are the 2” slits in the foam that allow the user to more easily roll up, carry, and store the mat in a gym bag, locker, etc. Each training mat is also manufactured in the USA and backed by a five-year warranty for home use.

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