Wednesday, September 13, 2017

WOD Wednesday #36 powered by Born Primitive

1 round:
Lower from a handstand to your feet as slowly as possible, 20 reps
Lower from a pull-up to a hang as slowly as possible, 16 reps

Time each descent (or at least count them) and post the sum of the descents and total time to complete to comments.

why not spend some time just working on getting upside down? You could flip up with heels against the wall and slowly lower back to the ground. Or not even on the slower thing! This is really basic gymnastics stuff and therefore really basic CF stuff.

The PU thing is actually a great way to build up your PU strength. Do whatever it takes to get to the position where you find yourself holding your chin over the PU bar and then slowwwwwwly lower yourself down until you are hanging with your arms fully extended. How should you get up there in the first place? Any way you can! If you are really good at PU you could do that, of course, but face it, if you could do that you probably aren’t reading my nonsense, right? Do a jumping PU or stand on a box that’s high enough to let you “step off” with your chin over the bar. What if there is literally no way you can slow your descent? You just plummet as soon as you get off the box or jump your chin above the bar. Easy-peasey: use an elastic band, just choose one that is not as tight as the one you might use to get up for a PU.

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