Wednesday, August 16, 2017

WOD Wednesday #32

Perform the following tests:

L-sit for time.
Handstand walk for distance.
Chest to bar weighted pull-up for load.
Snatch 1 rep for load.

We’re gonna test some of that stuff today. It’s gonna be hard, even without a clock. In fact, today might be one of the longer WOD’s you do this month, especially if you really apply yourself to all four. Intensity is not always about the reps or the seconds, or even for that matter does it have to be about the load. Let’s look.

L-Sit for time. You can use parallettes or a stack of plates for elevation. Sit with your feet straight our in front of you. Raise your bottom and legs so that your elevated body makes an “L”. Hold your legs straight out for as long as possible. When they touch the ground you are done. Most people will need a stopwatch that measures milliseconds for this.

Handstand walk for distance. That’s funny. If you have this skill go for it, this is definitely a skill and full expression of shoulder strength and stability.  For the rest of us this is a great time to work on just getting a handstand, either freestanding (measure how long you can stay up) or against a wall (work on kicking up into the HSPU position).

Chest-to-Bar Weighted Pull-up. If you don’t have an unassisted PU yet (that’s how we say it around here, you “have” a skill or a movement) then today is a skill development day. Give it a go for an unassisted PU; try a few with a progressive decrease in assist (thinner bands or less counter-weight on the Gravitron). Got a PU already? Chest-to-Bar (CTB) is the next step. If you can do a PU then this is not just a weighted PU day; the priority is the CTB. Get this grooved first then add load. A weight vest can be used, as can a backpack filled with whatever. You can use a dip belt and hang plates or KB . Record your most advanced PU.

Snatch 1 rep for load. Another way to say 1-rep max I think. You can seriously spend more than an hour on just this. You have to warm up the movement, get into the groove of your snatch (oh yeah), and then go for a max. As with every max effort WOD this month you need to have some experience with this most technical of lifts before you try for any kind of max.

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