Monday, August 14, 2017

Product Review: Black Mountain Products Dual Ab Roller

Product Details:
Black Mountain Products ab roller offers a dual wheel design for superior balance and functionality. Each wheel is designed with a strong and sturdy base for gym and home use. Ab wheels are the perfect choice for toning abs, building muscle and burning fat. Using the Black Mountain Product double ab wheel allows you to strengthen your core, as well as your shoulders, arms and back. Each ab wheel is ready to use out of the box, with no assembly required. All B.M.P. ab rollers come with a lifetime warranty.All products ship in “Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.”
  • Double wheel for smooth functionality and balance 
  • Strong sturdy design for gym or home use 
  • Great for abs, core and upper body development 
  • Each ab wheel comes with a lifetime warranty 
  • No assembly required 
  • All Black Mountain Products come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty * 

My Review:
This Dual Ab Roller comes fully assembled and ready to go straight out of the box.  The handles are really comfortable and are also non slip, and made of a combination of had plastic and softer rubber that provides a nice grip 

This Ab Wheel is very sturdy, and having the wheels separated adds a lot to that sturdiness.   This lightweight, smooth rolling and compact ab wheel is as sturdy as they come and its quality feels like it would stand use of a commercial gym!  Plus, its so balanced, that it allows you to slowly execute the perfect rollout until you get the hang of it, no more rolling out and falling on your face!

I found the double wheel design provides more stability than a single wheel design. This means you will have more confidence in the exercise itself, and finally the ability to perform a correct ab wheel rollout that efficiently works your core. a strong core will help you perform a long list of daily movements with greater ease and a reduced risk of injury.  No more wobbly roll outs.

It really works your abs and entire core. A great bonus is that it works your triceps (under arm muscles), deltoids (shoulders), chest, and stabilizer muscles. You engage many more muscles using a roller like this than by doing sit-ups/crunches.   I would suggest starting out slowly. Don't roll out as far as you can go. Try going about 3ft out at first, doing about 5 reps (1 rep = out & back). Then increase the distance & reps every week. This will strengthen your core muscles (and wrists) so you can do more rigorous workouts.

My Rating: 9.5/10
I have tried many types of rollers, and this is one of my absolute favorites. It is very smooth and stable, and small enough to throw into your gym bag.  A slight mark on the rating due to the warranty being void if used commercially because I would love to recommend this to a lot of gyms.  Other wise it is a must for your home gym or for your gym bag if your gym does not have a roller of its own.  Plus it is extremely affordable - currently listed at $17.50 (plus 20% off using our promo code MAP20 = $14!!!) here on the Black Mountain Products Website:

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