Wednesday, July 19, 2017

WOD Wednesday #28

For time:
Row 1,000 meters

Then, 5 rounds of:
20 back extensions
16 GHD sit-ups

Then, row 1,000 meters

Another task-specific WOD. Row 1000 Meters followed by 5 rounds of the couplet 20 Hip Extensions (HE)/16 GHD Sit-ups (SU), and then row another 1000Meters. Get your heart rate up, fry your core, and then hold on to your heart and lungs for dear life. Let’s break it down.

Row 1000M. Any time you see “Row” it means row on a Concept 2 (C2) rowing machine. Period. Any kind of rower can be used if it can record meters or occasionally calories.

Sit in the seat, strap your feet in, set the damper (the lever on the right side of that big round thing sticking out in front of you) grab the handle and start to row. This is a classic core-to-extremity, full-body exercise. Drive your legs, then extend your back, then and only then pull with your arms = the stroke. Push your arms out, bend your back forward, and then bend your legs = the catch. The standard sub is a Sumo Deadlift High Pull with an empty 45lb. bar (35 for women), with one rep = 10M (look for a video in “Exercises and Demos”). You can sub running (800M) or biking (2 miles).

20 Back extensions. You can use a GHD machine, a Roman Chair, or other similar extension apparatus. Subs would be a Good Morning, Superman, or extension while lying on an exercise ball. Total of 100 if you do ‘em all.

16 GHD Sit-Ups (SU). This is an advanced exercise, suitable and safe for only experienced athletes who train on a GHD (Glute-Ham Developer) regularly and routinely. Subs for this exercise? Do 16 regular SU, maybe using an Abmat if you wish. Total of 80.

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