Saturday, July 1, 2017

Product Review: Rep Fitness Pull Up Bar

Product Details:

1.25" diameter pull-up bar with wall or ceiling mount capability. Pull-up bar extends 14 or 26" from wall or celing, enough room to do kipping pull ups. 4' wide bar includes 11 gauge steel frame rated to 500 lbs, assuming proper mounting into studs
My Review:
Personally I'm a big fan of the raw steel for wall mounted pull up bars. I like the feel of the bar and tend to think it holds chalk a bit better than some of the other finishes. This is great since I tend to not use a lot of chalk. It's also great to have the option to knock out some bar muscle ups to vary the movements and demands in your workouts.

I like the grip on this Rep Fitness Pull bar better than the black oxide finish on some of the rigs I have trained on. This is mostly due to the bare steel that allows me to execute pull ups, T2B and bar muscle ups with smoother hand rotation.

When mounted it's rock solid. The product comes with all mounting hardware needed for your typical wood stud. Pre drill the holes, use a level and a good stud finder and you'll have this bad boy up in no time.  Bolt the top first, then use a level to ensure that the braces are straight up and down.  Installation is easy but a second person makes it a breeze. I like that you can get inside the "square" part of this with your back to the wall and do pull ups without having to pull the car out of the garage. Purchased some gymnastic rings to do dips, Rev lat pulls, and ring push ups that work great with this.

The Rep Fitness Wall Mounted Pull up bar is an excellent pull-up bar system giving you the ability to do kips without having to modify your movements. It is a heavy duty piece of equipment probably capable of anything I'd ever want to throw at it.

Price: Currently this pull up bar is available for $40 on ! -  This is an unbeatable price, between 50-75% off compared to other brands and similar pull up bars.

Wall mounted pull up bars are the recommended option for a garage gym as they take up hardly any space and are sturdy enough to kip on.  They do not take up the floor space like power towers do, nor do you have to worry about a power rack needing to be bolted into the floor.  Also in regards to the power rack option, you will not be able to use the rack and use the pull up bar for a WOD like you could if you had a wall mounted version.

My Rating:  9.3/10
Heavyweight steel construction ensures stability and solid feel just like in your favorite gym, with quality craftsmanship guaranteed to handle the demands of seasoned athletes and amateurs alike. Excellent value for the money and very strong. I can kip on this and it doesn't move. It is wall mounted and I like the fact that is came with enough attachment hardware so I did not need a separate trip to the HW store.  My only gripe is that I wish it cleared the wall closer to 30-32in like some of the other Wall Mounted Pull Up bars I have seen.

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