Friday, June 16, 2017

Product Review: Titan Fitness Pro Sled System

Product Details:
The Titan Pro Sled System is an all-in-one sled training system. Our modular design allows the Pro Sled System to serve as a traditional push-pull sled or drag sled, with many add-ons available for other configurations. Fits 2" Olympic Plates. Get the most out of your training with the Titan Pro Sled

- Multi-function system translates to multiple workouts/exercises with one sled.
- Works as a push, pull, or drag sled with the ability to offer much more!
- Additional accessories transform the sled into a high/low push sled, wheel barrow, or lawn boy push sled (accessories sold separately).
- UHMW plastic ski liners protect your sled
- Can be used on grass, turf, concrete, or asphalt.
- Fits 2" Olympic plates (bumper or steel plates)
     with plenty of clearance.

- Weight: 111 lb
- Footprint: 24" x 40"
- Skid width: 3"
- Steel: 2"x3" 11 gauge and 1/4" plate steel

My Review:
I got this a month ago and enjoy using it every week. It is heavy duty and can take a beating. I like to think I'm in shape, but the first time I used the sled I wanted to puke. The Titan Pro Sled value is amazing considering all the exercises you can do with one piece of equipment. Forward push, backwards pull, forward drag, truck pull (rope wrapped around stable object, use straps to drag with legs and rope to pull with upper body, mimics strongman truck pull) and rope pull. Not to mention the additional exercises you could perform with the attachments. Worth the investment!

Upright push poles and high-bar attachment provides multiple positions from which to push. Solid construction and easy to assemble. Provides an excellent compliment to more traditional CrossFit movements. Durability is top notch. Ease of use is amazing. Simply moving the handles to the other side for the return trip is one of those Titan moments of genius.

The plastic skids are great and the ground impact with them on is very minimal. The skis make this sled friendly to both the user and the surface your using it on.  I've been using it out of my garage on sidewalks and blacktop. But this can easily be used on carpet, turf, tracks as well as well manicured grass fields with no problem.  However, I would avoid using it in your yard.

Price - Literally cannot be beat.  Retails for $175 with FREE SHIPPING on the Titan Fitness Website.  This is $100 LESS than other comparable sleds from Rogue ($265 + shipping) and FringeSport ($270 with free shipping).  I have not seen a sled of this quality come anywhere close to this price.  The only drawback I see for this sled is that the attachments cost extra.  This is not really a problem since they are not needed to get the full workout the standard sled can offer and once again the attachments are much cheaper than the Rogue version.

Bottom line for the quality, price, value, and ease of assembly/use, this product from TITAN FITNESS is a MUST OWN for any garage gym assuming you have a strip of area to use it!

My Rating: 10/10
I have a love/hate relationship with this sled. I love that it was easy to put together, customer service was great, and it takes a beating. I hate how it makes me feel after loading it up and getting a few good pushes in, ultimately causing me to leave my lunch in the corner of the area when I push it. Absolutely phenomenal conditioning tool.  The quality is amazing and feels like it can survive a nuke.

Great quality, great conditioning tool, great price. 

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