Monday, May 15, 2017

Lower Extremity (Leg) Rehab and Therapy Exercises

This is a list of common lower body exercises PT's will rx after surgery and certain lower body pathologies.  More detail will be given in future posts.

Ankle Pumps:
  • Bend ankles up and down (helps promote ROM and blood/fluid flow)

Gluteal Setting:
  • Do this exercise in sitting or standing position only
  • Tighten buttock muscles by squeezing them together.  Hold 5 seconds. Relax.

Short Arc Quad:
  • Place Blanket roll under knee. Lift foot off bed until knee is straight. Slowly lower heel to bed.

Sitting Long Arc Quad:
  • Tighten muscle in top of thigh and straighten out knee.
  • Keep thigh on chair.  Slowly bend knee and lower leg back to floor.

Side Leg Raises:
  • Stand up straight with hands on walker or counter.
  • Slowly kick operated leg out to the side. Bring back to center.

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