Friday, May 12, 2017

Product Review: Omniball

What is the OmniBall?

OmniBall is a set of 4lb, rolling weights that can be attached to the hands and feet for a dynamic, total-body workout. 360-degree movement unlocks the door to endless exercise possibilities. With OmniBall, you’ll experience a one-of-a-kind workout and enjoy undeniable results.

Omni Balls are a very creative piece of equipment that add versatility and difficulty to abdominal workouts. When I received these in the mail I was extremely impressed, by the packaging alone. They came in a sturdy white box protected by foam. It also came with a sharp gray carrying bag to store them in. Is this necessary, probably not, but it did ensure me that I was getting a high quality product.  The design is multifunctional as well as attractive. The straps are comfortable and sturdy. The weight the balls add makes them feel durable as well as give you more versatility in the workouts to used them for weighted abs. They roll extremely easy. If you angle them correctly it puts on the breaks and creates stability, stopping the ball from rolling. For the price these are definitely not for everyone. I would not classify these as a necessary piece of equipment for your home gym. If you are looking for a new challenge these could be very useful. A major benefit is that they don’t take up much room and are easy to store. The company also offers workouts specific for there products in case you are not the creative type.

My Rating: 8.0/10
While the quality is top notch and the product allows for a lot more diversity than that of an ab roller, the product I believe is built for more advanced users.  The price ($80) and required fitness level to get the most out of the product hinder my recommendation as I believe there are many more items more important for a home gym or travel equipment such as a kettlebell, sled, dumbbells, medicine ball, or gymnastic rings.  Yes, this is a luxury product but the value is there is you have some extra money to spend and looking for a new challenge or to change up your training!

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