Friday, April 21, 2017

Guidelines for Consistent Circumferential Measurements

  1.  Use the same tool every time a measurement is taken.
  2.  The same individual should measure the person every time.
  3.  Measurements should be taken at approximately the same time of day.
  4.  Measure both unaffected and affected body parts if possible.
  5.  Landmarks must be easy to identify and used consistently.
  6.  Measure directly over the landmark.
  7.  All measurements should be documented, preferably on a form to provide comparable data
  8.  Use the same units each time (inches or centimeters)
  9.  Conditions that may skew measurements should be noted
    • examples:  use of a diuretic, 10 lb weight gain or loss, additional medical problems, change in treatment regimen 

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